Sound Design: Wabi Sabi Sound

Sound Design: Wabi Sabi Sound
This time the Wabi Sabi Sound opens the door and they show us some of the ridiculous monster sound effects they're able to make using just their voices (and some studio magic).

Wabi Sabi Sound is big time audio with quirky style - "We're an independent audio post house whose clients span mega media companies to brainiac indie developers. We thrive on the uncharted, and we've got the track record that comes with consistently delivering on worldwide blockbuster releases. Together we create gripping sonic experiences in cinematic, interactive and advertising media. The creative conceptualization of your project starts our journey...then our unique approach adapts traditional processes of foley, sound design, field recording, voice acting, implementation and mixing to uniquely meet the challenge."

Gustavo Guiotto Apr 14, 2012

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Gustavo Guiotto

I'm an audio enthusiastic from Porto Alegre, Brazil. I've been working with audio since 2006. I'm a fan of sound design, film score and recording techniques. Follow me on twitter: @gustavoguiotto