Visa Rio 2016 Olympic Games Campaign

The latest campaign for Visa’s Sponsorship of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games employs a creative execution based around a Heart. Visa created 5 Hearts, borne from the idea that 'The Heart of the Olympics is Always On'. Alongside the Heart of the Olympics, it uses other Hearts to symbolise different pillars of the Olympic Games - The Heart of Rio, The Heart of an Olympian, The Heart of the Fans. Each Heart is imagined as an individual world, made up of unique components that form a story around each theme. The creative concepts were developed by the Art Director and designer Gordon Reid and Head of Design Bruno Di Lucca, then the Hearts were crafted in the production process 3D – a process that involved first photographing individual elements, 3D modelling all elements, then merging and crafting into 3D Hearts. The print images will launch across Europe on all channels including billboards, posters, print, and online banners, in support of their hero film.


Gordon Reid of Middle Boop who worked on the campaign says: “We used a metaphor of a heart to show that the Olympics and Visa are always ‘on' like a heart. Each piece of the artwork demonstrates this in a different way; so we have the Heart of the Athlete, the heart of Rio, the Heart of the Fan and the main key visual, the Heart of the Olympics. The campaign, which took around four months to deliver, comprises five images in total, which were created using a mixture of 3D rendered photography."

About Gordon Reid

Gordon aka Middle Boop is an illustrator and designer currently based in London, United Kingdom that focuses his work in branding, web design, editorial illustration and large scale advertising. Over the years, Gordon has built a client list including BBC, Red Bull, Starbucks, American Express and more.

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