Blog designs is something I really enjoy seeing and designing as well, I remember not too long ago when most of the blogs where pretty much the same with the same structure and changing only colors, check out how they look now.

This is a series I want to continue every now and then to create a good inspirations for all the bloggers and web designers we got here. As I was saying that not to long ago the blogs where pretty much the same, has totally changed, not only the design but the structures of a blog can be anyway you can Imagine, and that's also something that amazes me. So look out for that and enjoy the selection.

If you have a cool blog, post a link and it may get on the next selection.

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My name is Paulo Canabarro, I'm a passionate freelance web designer and enthusiastic blogger here at abduzeedo. Catch me designing Wordpress Themes. Say hello on twitter @paul0v2.