stein · inspiration · amy

Inspiration: Amy Stein Photography

When i look at Amy Stein's photographs i sometimes wonder how she can capture these animals in photos in such a unique way.

wallpaper · of the week · iphone

Frilly Bits Ornament Wallpaper

A few days ago I wrote a tutorial showing how to create a very nice typography art mixing some vector ornaments with text, it was called "Super Cool Frilly Bits Typography". So I decided to create some wallpapers from that design and I want to share them with you.

opera78 · inspiration · fiodor sumkin

Inspiration: Opera78 (Illustrator Fiodor Sumkin)

When i saw the portfolio of Fiodor Sumkin it kinda reminded me of Eduardo Recife. He has a little bit the same style like Eduardo's Misprinted Type.

inspiration · best of the week

Best of the Week #19

This week was very intense and we have one of the hugest selections of articles ever.

tutorial · photoshop

Shining Neon Text Effect in Photoshop

Since we released Abduzeedo's new design, we've received quite a few emails asking for a tutorial showing how to reproduce the our logo effect. Actually since the first time we used that effect, on the Sparkling Hot Girl in Photoshop tutorial, a lot of people have asked us how to do that effect.

inspiration · community

Interesting Communities for Designers

Since Web 2.0 exploded back in 2005 many interesting communities started appearing on the web. Today websites are all about interaction. Sites like Digg, Flickr, StumbleUpon and many more really blew up over the past couple of years.

inspiration · hdr

Beautiful HDR Pictures - Part 3

I was looking around for some new HDR pictures and found this great one from a car race. That's whenIi decided to make a third part of our series Beautiful HDR Pictures".

sites of the week

Sites of the week #6

This week we begin a new way to show the best sites, we're categorizing them, because a lot of users asked me why I've chosen those sites. So I decide to divide and list the best sites I saw in the past week, split them and put each one under a category name.

graphic design · inspiration · print

Print Design Inspiration

Lately I've been doing some research on prints: magazines, booklets, brochures and stuff like that. I'm a big lover of fanzines...

inspiration · animation · radiohead

Video Inspiration: Radiohead Animation Contest

Last week I saw the band "Radiohead" at the hurricane festival and very impressed of their show. Maybe it was the beer I drank ;-) but I really was in love with the lead singer of the band.

decart · dave · carhartt

Inspiration: Carhartt ad by Dave Decart

I've seen these ads here in germany in lots of magazines and always wanted to know who created them. Thanks to the internet.

video · video of the week

Video of the Week #15

It’s always nice to see how people express their creativity, especially when using such common objects, like a treadmill for instance. Ok Go's video for "Here It Goes Again" shows that special effects aren’t needed to produce a quality piece of work. The music video of the song - which was arguably responsible for the song's U.S.

funny · games · flickr

Awesome LEGOd Video Games

Yesterday we found about this 16 years old kid who made nice pics of old games in the real world, and it was quite funny.

wallpaper of the week · wallpaper

Wallpaper of the Week #11

This week we have a very cool wallpaper from the Photoshop Master Justin Maller. We interviewed him a long time ago and he has already featured some inspiration articles here on Abduzeedo.

blog · photography · travel

Lost in America eating Wendy's

It’s going to be a week since I arrived in the US. I’m still getting used to my new routine and trying to keep up the with updates and new blog features. However I’ve been experiencing a new culture that is totally different from mine. I’m now in Chapel Hill, North Carolina and probably on July 8th I will be arriving in NYC where I will spend a few days.

peter callesen · paper · inspiration

Inspiration: Peter Callesen

After i wrote the article about Mark Khaisman i surfed around the internet and found a similiar artists. Peter Callesen is a master at working with paper. At most of his work i had to look several times to understand how it was done. Peter Callesen .

tape · mark khaisman · inspiration

Inspiration: Mark Khaisman

A great reason why I like design is that creativity never stops. People will always find new things to create all sorts of art. Like this guy.

inspiration · ads

Great Advertising Inspiration

If you are into advertising, you probably heard something about the Cannes Lions 2008, the 55th International Advertising Festival that was going on in France. We got to see same really great ad pieces there, and now we're featuring some of those here. And if you know any cool ads, drop a link! Cheers.

Typography · tutorial · photoshop

Super Cool Frilly Bits Typography

Last week we published our 10th Wallpaper of the Week. It was an awesome typography/design from Ginger Monkey Design called Compassion.

inspiration · SA3S

Inspiration: SA3S

There are a lot of very creative artists from the UK, and it’s always inspiring to check out their work.

tutorial · photoshop · photo manipulation

Hulk Eyes Effect - Photoshop Tutorial

Yesterday I watched the Incredible Hulk... and it was a real thrill ride. For those who are into the Marvel's Cross Universe, It was a great movie, probably not as great as Iron Man, but still a great movie. And now I'm gonna teach you how to do the Banner transforming to Hulk eyes.

best of the week

Best of the Week #18

This week we are featuring a lot of web news. The big one was the official launch of Firefox 3 and it has been set a record for most downloads in a single day. Besides that, this week was full of graphic inspirations, and really colorful.

surfing · inspiration · documentary


"God Went Surfing With The Devil" is a documentary about surfing and life in Israel and gaza. It documentates 50 days of a area filled with hate and war, where in middle people are surfing. According to the film will be ready in almost a year.

design · inspiration · deviantart

Inspiration: Vitaly Alexius

We've already featured some artists from DeviantArt, great ones... and it's always good to find more great artists, like Vitaly Alexius, who makes a kind of post apocalyptic art. I've seen only a few artists making this kind of art. It's really dark, yet, very beautiful. Alexius is a true master of digital painting.

web · web apps

Cool Web Image Editor: Sumopaint

We've seen some cool web apps come out this year, like Aviary, and now I've came to know a new one: Sumopaint. It's simpler than Aviary, but you can still make some cool stuff there. Most of the images in their gallery remind me a lot of the expressionism school, which Van Gogh was part of.

sites of the week

Sites of the week #5

This week I've chosen 5 sites, but 2 of them are especial for me. One is the redesign of Jason Santa Maria's site. It's a blog that I liked a lot... it's a clean and beautiful layout. The other one is Spread Firefox, created for the "Download Day" and was made in Drupal, our favorite CMS.

tutorial · fireworks

Grooveshark design style in Fireworks

Last week we've linked the Tinysong site in our Sites of the Week.

wallpaper of the week · wallpaper

Wallpaper of the Week #10

The wallpaper of this week is a very cool design called Compassion from Ginger Monkey Design, the home of Tom Lane & friends. They have just updated their portfolio with some amazing new works.

inspiration · hapiness factory · coca cola

Video Inspiration: The Coca-Cola Hapiness Factory

Today is Abduzeedo's Coca-Cola Day =) so this link wont miss. "The Coca-Cola Hapiness Factory" is a short animation ad for Coca Cola and really really amazing. It belongs to my "Top 10 movies" ever.

inspiration · identity · coca-cola

The Coca-Cola Identity

The Coca-Cola new identity was the perfect win for the english agency Turner Duckworth, which has won the Design Grand Prix at Cannes Lions 2008. It's absolutily stunning. Moira Cullen, The Coca-Company Design Director went down the right path during the redesign of Coke's identity. "It's happiness inside.

video of the week

Video of the Week #14

In a dying world where people struggle to get richer by polluting our own planet, it's always a relief when you find people trying in some way to make other people think. Paul "Moose" Curtis is one of those. The Reverse Graffiti project brings clean spots in filthy city areas. And those clean spots are transformed in art!

video · inspiration · cloning

Video Inspiration: Cloning

When i was a kid i used to play around with Apple's "iMovie" and "Final Cut Pro" and loved to create bluescreens, explosions and all that sorts of effects. Also I tried "cloning" but it went too bad. Here are my favourite three cloning effect videos.

Xtrabold · Nelson Balaban · inspiration

Inspiration: XTRABOLD - Portfolio of Nelson Balaban

Nelson Balaban is a 19 year old independent graphic designer from Curitiba, Brazil. And as you've seen in our last interviews with Rik Ooestenbroeck and JamesTu you can recognize that we love presenting young artists.

inspiration · magazine

53 Years of Jauna Gaita Magazine

This is probably greatest source of vintage inspiration in the web. If you never heard about it before, listen up! It's the Jauna Gaita magazine. In 2008, the Latvian magazine, Jauna Gaita (which literally means The New Course), is turning 53 Years old and it's great to see how an old magazine managed to stay fresh and young for such a long time!