After almost two months of vacation, I'm back. Even though I was away I still kept working on personal and even some professional projects and blogging when I had free time.

These two months were incredible. I have to thank everybody who received me: Patricia and Amanda in North Carolina, Terry in NYC, and Chris and all CSNGlobal team in Jupiter, Florida. Also I had the opportunity to meet some friends and readers such as Tarek from Joomp, Andrea Martins, Francisco Gutierrez, Elena, Chris, Jeff...

Aside from all of that, I had a tutorial published in Digital Arts Magazine for their July issue, the Creating Fireballs and Explosions in Photoshop and I did my first magazine cover for a Brazilian magazine called Super Interessante. They saw one of Abduzeedo's tutorials and wanted to use it for the cover. Sweet :)

Anyway, I'm back now and I will try to keep up with the Photoshop tutorials, some new features for the blog and the Abduzeedo’s t-shirts from I'm really sorry if some of your emails went unanswered or if I took a while to respond.

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