Icon Designs by Tim Boelaars

Tim Boelaars is an independent graphic designer and illustrator from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Tim specializes in icon designs and have worked with some major brands creating amazing little icons that you can see on this post.

For more from Tim Boelaars visit timboelaars.nl.

The New Yorker

A set of eight 30 by 30 pixel icons for The New Yorker's new website. The categories illustrated from left to right, top to bottom are: Read, Search, Experience, Go, Shop, RSVP, Think, Win. The icons are in use on The New Yorker On the Town

Icon Designs by Tim Boelaars


Various technical illustrations and illustration of Comcast equipment for Comcast. These illustrations are used in installation guides, manuals and on Comcast's packaging. Their main purpose is to easily recognize and portray the various contents of Comcast's products.

Icon Designs by Tim Boelaars


A collection, consisting of two sets of 100 vector icons created for selling purposes.

Icon Designs by Tim Boelaars


Several illustrations for Airbnb's new office interior. From left to right and top to bottom: Birthdays, World Team Meetings, Design & Tech Talks, Happy Hour, Friday Meetings, Yoga, Hackathons, Fireside chats, Rauch St. Apartment, Workshops, Formal Fridays, Seated Massage.

Icon Designs by Tim Boelaars


Several spot illustrations for ESPN the Magazine for articles about women in sports.

Icon Designs by Tim Boelaars


Icon and illustration work created for Sprint. These icons and illustrations were mainly used in Sprint stores in the United States, during the holiday season at the end of 2012 and 2013.

Icon Designs by Tim Boelaars

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