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Car Illustrations from Famous Movies

Car Illustrations from Famous Movies

If you are fan of nice cars and good movies, chances are you have seen these cars on the movies before. But now they are completely illustrated by Spanish graphic designer Jesús Prudencio. Enjoy! For more from Jesús Prudencio visit

Cars We Love by Cihan Ünalan

Cars We Love by Cihan Ünalan

I was reading my news in the end of the day today then I saw this beautiful photo of a batmobile and the titled saying "Cars we love". It turned out it was a series of digital photography of cars that we really love, from the Batmobile of the 1989 Batman movie to the iconic DeLorean from The Back to the Future movie. If yo like cars, and photography you will love this collection. This is the first two of an ongoing series I called 'Cars we love'. I intend to photograph the cars or 'mobiles' that made an impact on our lives through movies. I wanted to begin with my two favorites, more to come soon These photos were take by Cihan Ünalan, a photographer and digital artist from Istanbul, Turkey. For more information visit

McLaren MP4-12C Photoshoot by Thomas Moeller

Car Design Photography: McLaren MP4-12C by Thomas Moeller

I grew up watching F-1 races on the weekends, my favorite driver was Ayrton Senna and he used to be part of the McLaren team back in the day. I remember that one of my favorite things to do in school was to draw his F1 racing cars. I also remember when McLaren announced their first car and since then they've been pushing the limits of card design. The new McLaren MP4-12C is a proof of that. This post tries to show not the car only but the work of Thomas Moeller who took this amazing photos. For the launch of the new website we got the opportunity to spend 4 full days shooting the MP4-12C at the McLaren Product Centre in Woking, England. We also spent time across the McLaren Technology Centre, shots the new McLaren P1, and long quiet evenings exploring and experiencing the amazing space that these cars are produced in. We aimed to bring a much more luxurious, artistic, and elegant feeling to the shoot and get creative within the constraints and limitations of the space. Thomas Moeller is a London-based Creative Director with over 15 years experience across US, UK, European and other international markets - currently Creative Director at SapientNitro London, the world’s largest integrated marketing & technology firm. For more information visit

Classic Porsche 550 by Additive Studios

Classic Porsche 550 by Additive Studios

Icons embody certain qualities that represent something else of greater significance through literal or figurative meaning, from a bottle of Coca Cola, the red tab on a pair of Levi's to the smooth lines and timeless headlights of a Porsche. Today on Abduzeedo we bring you a stunning gallery featuring a vintage 3D render of a Porsche 550 Spider. This beautiful icon has maintained its longevity and design integrity over the years, evolving ever so slightly to deliver each new generation the Porsche it dreamed. I grew up in Brazil driving around in my dad's VW Beetle born from the same designer, Ferdinand Porsche, and have always had an obsession with the design of this car. One day I'll own one but for now I can only post about my dream car and channel my inner Hank Moody. - "If you analyse the function of an object, its form often becomes obvious." - Ferdinand Alexander Porsche When you spend all that time creating one really detailed 3d model, it only seemed logical to create a series. This time we wanted to explore closeups and use depth of field and bokeh effects - additive studios About Additive Studios Additive is a post-production studio based in London, Comprising two talented CG artists / retouchers (Matt and Pete) with over 20 years’ experience between them (Saddington & Baynes, Um CGI and Solid), you benefit from tightly costed estimates (no flashy offices or leggy secretaries, sorry) and the undivided attention of the two key people. Of course we have the support of specialist friends when needed (character artists, animators, digital sculptors, etc) and are involved with all the most cutting edge medias including the latest Augmented Reality. For more information visit

Beautiful 3D Cars by Jan Mokrzecki

Beautiful 3D Cars by Jan Mokrzecki

When I was a kid I used to love to draw cars, from the iconic VW Beetle to Formula 1. I had so much fun, especially in school, where apparently, was the most inspiring and creative moment for me to zone out of the day's lesson and sketch. Nowadays we have a bevy of tools right at our fingertips and with computer and 3D software we can go that extra step and make really amazing car renderings in one fell swoop. The idea of this post is to feature some really cool 3D cars created by Jan Mokrzecki, an extremely talented digital artist from Poland with a great portfolio of beautiful car renderings. Bentley Mulsanne Jaguar D-Type Longnose 1954 Shelby Cobra 1967 Ford Mustang Shelby GT-500 Eleanor Plymouth GTX 1970 Dodge Charger 1971 Hummer H1 2004 For more information about Jan Mokrzecki visit

Melting Cars in CGI

Melting Cars in CGI

Have you ever seen a car melt down like an ice cream? Well, here is your chance, this CGI work is totally amazing and the melting cars look so real. Enjoy!The melting parts of the cars were created by us in 3D, the cars were shot in a studio and everything was put together in post. CGI and postproduction done by Souverein Weesp, shot by Maarten de Groot

Inspiring Chrome Car Logos

The chrome of car logos has always inspired a lot of people especially designers and car lovers. It's not just the brand of the car or model it is what that represents to legends like the Camaro or Dodge among others. The best site to find inspiration on that is hands down Chromeography ( With tons of incredible photos it's a very useful resource for designers and enthusiasts For more information visit

DVD Review: How to Draw Cars Now by Driven Mavens + Discount Code

Today I decided to make a change and make a review instead of a feature post. This amazing opportunity came to me from car designer Arvind Ramkrishna from Driven Mavens, he gladly sent me one copy of his DVD now in sale "How to Draw Cars Now". I really had a fun time going through his DVD and this is my review. What started as a Kickstarter Project hugely became into a successful story about Arvind getting his knowledge out for aspiring designers and drawing hobbyists to automotive design and illustration using markers, pencils, gouache paints and of course Photoshop. A great mix of modern and old school styling into your work. To find out more about Arvind Ramkrishna and Driven Maven, you can check out his website / blog at, also check out their website or just like them on Facebook. Review With more than 4 hours of video content with 4 ebooks, Arvind really takes you on a ride of instructional content and you clearly see the focus is on How to Draw Cars and with a complete workshop on the matter. With loads of training exercises and reference, what strikes me more is that Arvind kept the old good ways of drawing with pencils and markers. Since with all the technology around us, I am in agreement that the best way to learn. One thing I really enjoyed was how easy Arvind took us along the way in the videos. He has a way of explaining things with such a educational and inspiring to work more on your drawings. Of course, it will take a lot of practice but I truly think you can produce some amazing sketches and renderings in the automotive design. Some samples from Arvind Ramkrishna's work Arvind Ramkrishna from Driven Mavens Arvind Ramkrishna from Driven Mavens Arvind Ramkrishna from Driven Mavens Arvind Ramkrishna from Driven Mavens Arvind Ramkrishna from Driven Mavens Arvind Ramkrishna from Driven Mavens Discount Code Arvind is giving us away a Discount Code "Abduzeedo" of 15% of any purchases on his store. Check out this store at:

Awesome Photoshop Custom Cars by Richard Andersen

I really enjoy seeing people doing cool photoshop works in photographs, doing all kinds of crazy stuff, like customizing real-life cars. That's exactly what Richard Andersen does, and it's pretty awesome. Richard is a South African graphic designer. For more of his custom cars, you must check his portfolio. Do so, for us to show him some appreciation! I hope you enjoy these. Cheers! ;)

Automotive Photographs by Ivan Nava

Born in the United States in 1983 and raised in Venezuela, Ivan Nava has quickly become a native to the Miami photography scene and is taking it by storm. He has worked with big names of the auto industry, therefore his automotive photographs are amazing. For more from Ivan Nava visit

Logo Design: Cars, trucks and vans

The Logo Design series is up and running! We're thinking ahead and we want to find new ways to sort these listings. Last week we had a post on logos with hearts... today it's all about cars, trucks and vans! As usual, we'll search for logos in these galleries: Logopond, Logo Faves, Logo Moose, Logo from Dreams, Logo Gala, WS Logos, The Logo Mix and Wolda. We hope you all enjoy our selection! Cheers. ;) PS.: Got cool ideas for sorting? Tell us! ;)

Creative Auto Ads

When we have successfully got our steady lives, what will be the next target? To be more comfortable. That is to get a larger apartment and to buy a better automobile. So it is understandable that why the competition among auto distributors becomes fiercer and fiercer. In order to promote the brand culture and unique advantages, auto distributors conduct all kinds of campaigns as price cut, auto-expo, and of course advertising. All aspects of auto, including energy saving, stable performance and enhanced power can always be shown by advertisers in clever and impressive ways. We have to admit that making the inanimate body---auto to be the leading role of each piece really brings romantic atmosphere into the bitter selling contest. Here are several good examples, enjoy it and if we miss any other good ones, please feel free to let me know. Getting There is Just as Fun Animal Technology Monroe Shock Absorbers If the Landscape Bores You, Change it Clio by Rip Curl Phonies Can Cause Serious Damage Earth Covering Elephent Driver Hello Sunshine Flexible Spacious for Executive The World’s Most Technologically Advanced Heat Control Let's Mini Make It Faster Malicious Roads Don’t Frighten It Open During the Summer Performance Enhanced Be Prepared to See Things Differently Ready for the Weekend With You There is a Farm in the Car Touareg. Gets You to Unusual Places Gripping Performance Engineered for a Lower Impact on the Environment Wash Me Yeti. Love it on the Rocks New Prado. Amazing from Every Point of View About the Author This guest post was written by The Design Inspiration, a group of designers who are seeking various design inspiration for you every day. You can receive daily inspiration of Logo, Illustration, Website, Font, Photo and Pattern by subscribing to our RSS.

Great Examples of Concept Cars

This is not the first time Abduzeedo is giving space to some concept cars images and for sure this won"t be the last post about this around here. Concept cars are always evolving and designers keep working with this evolution to present us new projects and prospects from time to time. These cars I"ve putted here are futurist, great shaped and pretty attractive. Designing this kind of vehicle demands talent and a bit of visionary perspective from the designer and this is what I admire most about this type of work. So let"s check out some of these cars ... enjoy.

Awesome Concept Cars

Hi everyone, I'm a new writer here at Adbuzeedo. I love all things design (like most of you reading this) and this is my first posting and I hope you enjoy it. I've seen many concept cars in my lifetime, whether on the web or at a car show, but I've never seen anything like these before. These concepts come from the Royal College of Art (I'm guessing that's in the UK somewhere). They're incredible! But of course, like all concept cars, I'll probably never see them on the streets...ever. Oh well, they're still cool to daydream about. Vehicle design at the Royal College of Art turns 40 next year. The postgraduate course, with a global reputation for nurturing up-and-coming car designers, boasts an alumni that reads like the who’s who of the car design world. It includes highly influential figures like Peter Horbury who turned Volvo around, and the maverick designer of Ford of Europe, Martin Smith, as well as Jaguar design chief, Ian Callum. Other graduates include the original Audi TT designer and current head of Kia design, Peter Schreyer and Aston Martin’s design director Marek Reichman. This year’s fourteen graduates kept the flag flying. Competing for the 2008 Pilkington Automotive Vehicle Design award, their projects ranged from a fresh take on eco-design to finding new ways of expressing personalisation. A couple of the students even challenged the status quo by designing boats for an imaginary future destroyed by global warming. Enigma concept by Paul Howse Winner: Airflow concept by Pierre Sabas Concept car by Ilaria Sacco omega concept by Joonas Vartola This weird wavy blue one below is actually the concept for the interior of a car. It's supposed to be flexible and allow for a much more comfortable ride as it conforms to your body. I just came back from a long car ride this weekend and because I'm tall (6' 4" or 1.9 meters) I'm always uncomfortable. Commended: Noah concept by Jung Hoon Rhee Commended: Phoenix concept by Sergio Loureiro Da Silva Winner: Nuaero concept by Jon Radbrink Nereus concept by Ceri Yorath I found this on design boom, who got it from Hi-Res, who originally got it from Wallpaper (Oh the internet is such an incestuous place. lol)

Inspiration: Cool Vector Cars

Vector art is one of my favourite technics of creating an image, but it takes time. Check out these cool vector artworks of cars. following by Bobbyrock following by ab6421 following by Russ Schwenkler following by HoshiBoshi following by Drew Turketo following byBirdieNUFC following by J-Nyze