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Super Bastard Box Art Characters

October 21, 2009 from paul0v2's blog

Super-Bastard Box Art Characters is a set of paper toys created by the Malaysian designer Undoboy and it's extremely creative and well illustrated with very known and unknown characters. These toys are awesome, check it out!

Beautiful Work of Vanila BCN

October 20, 2009 from abduzeedo's blog

Vanila Barcelona or Vanila BCN is the design studio of two very talented graphic designers from Spain, Carlos Jimenez and Roger Gual. They met when they were studying graphic design at Elisava Design School and they have been working...

Amazing Spaceships Concepts

October 20, 2009 from PauloGabriel's blog

I've just came from the movies, after I watched District 9. It was a true thrill to see such a great "low budget" film made and it only reminds me of how great sci-films were back then, and there was a total lack of good sci-fi films like...

Designer of the Week: Gui Borchert

October 20, 2009 from paul0v2's blog

Gui Borchert is one of the most recognized designers of the world. With such a strong style and amazing use of typography, this Brazilian designer has one of the most amazing portfolio you ever seen, here is chance to find out more about...

Stylish Motion Blur Photography

October 20, 2009 from PauloGabriel's blog

It's great to see how people explore all kinds of different effect in photography. But there are some really familiar ones, like the motion blur, that we should see and appreciate more, and this is the purpose of this post. Motion blur is...

Crazy Cool Illustrations by Derek Ring

October 16, 2009 from abduzeedo's blog

Derek Ring is a illustrator and character design from Worcester, MA, United States with a super cool portfolio. His illustrations are full of details and with subjects that remind me the design from the skateboard industry in the 80's,...

Cool Illustrated Facial Expressions

October 15, 2009 from PauloGabriel's blog

Friday is finally here and I gotta ask you: why the long face? If you had a tough week, we're here to cheer you up! One of coolest and best ways to evolve your drawing skills is to practice. A lot. And that's exactly what these people did...

Stunning Photography by Joon Brandt

October 15, 2009 from paul0v2's blog

Joon is the owns one of the most insane portfolio you will ever see, as a photographer he is total talent without the fact that he is just as amazing as a director, this mix makes Joon Bandt a one of a kind Photographer and Director, here...

Beautiful Pictures from Portugal

October 15, 2009 from guest's blog

This post will show a side of Portugal that most of us are not familiar with! Portugal is a country rich in culture, neighbor of Spain, the country is located in southwestern Europe on the Iberian Peninsula. Its cities give us the...

Logo Design A to Z - G

October 14, 2009 from PauloGabriel's blog

Some time ago we began a series of posts on logo design. Our goal? To cover as many logos as we can until the end of the year... we started with logos starting with A, today is all about G's. We've been seeing some great logos, and we wish...

Digital Illustration Case Study by Chris Haines

October 14, 2009 from paul0v2's blog

The Australian digital illustrator Chirstopher Haines strikes again with a new piece called Zen. Somewhere between photo illustration and 3d with an amazing final look. Check out how it was done step by step on this case study full of...

Incredible and Creepy Photo Manipulations by Aja Jones

October 14, 2009 from abduzeedo's blog

I was surfing on Behance when I found one incredible image of a monster. It was quite creepy but really well done, so I decided to check out the author's portfolio. Aja Jones is a digital artists from France with a incredible set of...