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Amazing Organic & Geometry Paintings

These amazing Organic and Geometry Paintings were done by Tran Nguyen, a Georgia-based artist. Born in Vietnam and raised in the States. She is fascinated with creating visuals that can be used as a psycho-therapeutic support vehicle, treading the mind’s surreal dreamscape. Her paintings are created with a delicate quality using color pencil and thin glazes of acrylic on paper. “ I find interest in illustrating the universal emotions we come across in everyday living -- emo- tions that are tucked away, deep inside our psyches.” For more from Tran Nguyen visit Work Process The goal of my imagery is to visually interpret a story in a way that dramatizes and conveys its vital essence. When starting an assignment, I thoroughly research every aspect of the subject to determine what the image needs to say to the viewer. Several concerns are raised here such as its mood, focal points, and overall message. From the research proceeds the visual development. Several thumbnails are sketched out to explore the possible compositions, ideas, and symbolisms, to cultivate the best solution to the problem. I keep my thumbnails loose and gestural to maintain focus on the story that is being told. Once a thumbnail harmonizes, in concept and aesthetics, a final sketch is derived from it -- forms are resolved, lines are tightened, and values are laid where needed. While working on the final sketch, reference photos are collected to accompany the painting phase. With the final sketch and reference photos as a guide, diluted glazes of acrylics and color pencil are applied to solidify the forms. In this particular painting, creating a dream-like undertone is critical. Care- ful attention is made on the figure’s facial expression and pose to capture its surreal moment within a tangible environment. An appropriate color palette is chosen and details are rendered to yield the end product – a refined visual that complements the particular story.

Splashy Leaf Wallpaper In Photoshop

Today I'm going to show you how to make a nice looking wallpaper in Photoshop. It includes how to make very nice looking leaves, waterdrops and subtle background effects. Enjoy! Step 1: The Beginning First open a new document of your screen size, I used my own resolution, which is 1440x900 pixels. When you've did that, choose 2 nice blue colours, the I used #0090ff as foreground and #003ebd as background colour. Then draw a radial gradient from the left top to the left bottom, so you should end up with something like this: Step 2: Background 2 When you've completed the previous step, you can create a new layer, named 'Background 2'. Then get a lightblue brush(I used #b4ecff) with a size of 200 pixels, then adjust some brush settings: With these settings you can start to draw some subtle strokes on your Background 2 layer, to end up with a result looking like this: Step 3: The Leaves Now we're done making the Background, we can start on making the main thing, the leaves. You might think it's very hard, but the only thing you need is a good knowledge of the Pen Tool. So get the Pen Tool (P) out, create a new layer called Leave and start drawing a shape of a leave. When you've done that, right click and press 'Fill Path': After that, right click again and press 'Make Selection'. When you've made a leave, and kept the selection, create a new layer called 'Darker Sides'. Get the Pen Tool again, and draw a rough path around the leave you already made: Then get a very soft brush with a size so it can easily reach the sides of the leave and the colour #328e00, after that, you right click, and press stroke path with a brush, without the Simulate Pressure box selected. Step 4: The Veins The vein are as easy as the leave itself, so get started by creating a new layer called 'Vein 1' and picking the Pen Tool (P) again, and drawing a vein through the middle and Fill the Path with colour #a2ff00. After that, blur it a little bit: After you've done that, you can create a new layer called 'Vein 2'. In that layer, with the Pen Tool, draw a new path again, and make a selection by right clicking, and press 'Make Selection. Then load an intersected selection, by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Alt at the leave layer, so the selection is your path, but only inside the layer. Then get a Foreground Color To Transparent gradient, with as #a2ff00 as Foreground color. The Other Veins For the other veins you can repeat the previous step, with the gradient, so you end up with a result looking like this: Step 5: Replacement When you're done making the leave, you can group the layers, you can easily duplicate them later. After that, Press Ctrl+T, to free Transform the group, and turn it around a bit. Then duplicate the group and do the same. After that I ended up with this: You can ofcourse place them differently. Step 6: Water Drops Now we're done with the major things of our wallpaper, we can get focussed on the details. One of these is to add some splash to our wallpaper by get some drops of water on the leave. We start with a new layer named 'Drops' and some small, black circled brushes placed all over our leaves: Then open the Blending Options of the Drops Layer, and choose these settings: Our drops should now look like little black drops, if that's the fact, you reduce 'Fill' to 0%, and POOF! Our black drops turned to water drops! Conclusion The Final Result can be found here The PSD can be found here.I hope you enjoyed the tutorial and learnt from it ;) Cheers! Edit: This tutorial got featured on PSDTuts (along with many other Abduzeedo tutorials)