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Supercombo T-Shirt Giveaway - Winners

We are happy to announce this giveaway with Supercombo, a range from the well-known clothing company Funkrush by Pete Harrison (aka. Aeiko). Supercombo is a very diverse range of selling items including t-shirts, wallets, key rings and you name it! For this giveaway, we have a choice of 2 (two) t-shirts to giveaway for 2 (two) lucky winners. Hope you all the best of luck! Funkrush was established in 2007 by Pete Harrison (aeiko) as a clothing company that makes you smile! We want to make you feel like a million bucks.. UPDATE: Winners Here are the winners for the SuperCombo T-Shirt Giveaway: Fernanda Saboia and MinkyPipsie. Congratulations to the winners and thank you to everyone for participating! To participate is very simple, just leave a comment in the comment box below with a valid email so we can contact you. About Supercombo / Funkrush by Pete Harrison My name is Pete Harrison and i'm a digital artist and designer from the UK, I go by the alias 'Aeiko' which is my online creative identity.Some artists create with pens, others a paint brush, and today many more with a computer, but I am the only artist that renders my images with the deadly, but dazzling coloured illumination of my Jedi lightsaber. Each stroke I summon by the strength of the force smears beautiful streaks of light across my canvas, until the end result is a frame filled with flashes and flares that burst from the depths of a deep black galaxy.I also own and run a clothing label called Funkrush and curate the Desktopography project. Limited Discount Code For a limited time, use 'ABDUZEEDO' at checkout will get you 20% off anything in the store! To shop: Links More info about Supercombo / Funkrush: More info about Pete Harrison: More info about Desktopography:

Insane Illustrations by Pale Horse

Hailing from Tampa Bay, Florida, Pale Horse is the moniker and studio space of illustrator & graphic designer Chris Parks. The illustrations he creates are absolutely insane. Pale Horse also actively hosts and participates in various gallery exhibitions throughout the US, Europe and Asia. Check it out! Make sure you visit Pale Horse Design - The Last Fiesta: 12 Skate Decks The Last Fiesta' is my 12-skateboard deck shout-out to Leonardo da Vinci's 'The Last Supper' with Jesus Christos and his 12 Luchador apostles getting down one last time. This piece was created for my solo exhibit Saints & Sinners, here at the Pale Horse Studio. Hand-made shadow box by Casey Paquet. The Book of Five Rings The “Book of Five Rings” was created for a series of T-shirts for the brand TruFighter Clothing. I later adapted this piece as a full color canvas print for the Saints and Sinners art show here at the Pale Horse studio. The Art of Eight Limbs The “The Art of Eight Limbs” was created for a series of T-shirts for the brand TruFighter Clothing. I later adapted this piece as a full color canvas print for the Saints and Sinners art show here at the Pale Horse studio. La Calavera Catrina Created for the Saints and Sinners Art Show, here at Pale Horse Design, ‘La Calavera Catrina’ (The Elegant Skull) is a colossal illustration, printed at 8 x 3.5 ft on canvas and stretched.

Awesome Printed Illustrations of The State Series

Frank Chimero is an illustrator, graphic designer and writer based in Springfield, Missouri. In his website he has an awesome little shop that sell t-shirts, prints and posters. One of his project is called The State Series in which he makes an illustration in the shape of an American state as you will see on the images. For more from Frank visit The States Series All prints are 8x8" and printed on Hahnenmühle Museum Etching paper. Quarter inch border for framing and shipped flat. They each cost only $20. Louisiana Tennessee California Arkansas Nevada West Virginia Wyoming Kansas Okahoma Idaho Missouri Delaware Colorado Texas Illinois Hawaii Florida