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Supercombo T-Shirt Giveaway - Winners

April 10, 2012 from AoiroStudio's blog

We are happy to announce this giveaway with Supercombo, a range from the well-known clothing company Funkrush by Pete Harrison (aka. Aeiko). Supercombo is a very diverse range of selling items including t-shirts, wallets, key rings and you...

Insane Illustrations by Pale Horse

May 02, 2011 from paul0v2's blog

Hailing from Tampa Bay, Florida, Pale Horse is the moniker and studio space of illustrator...

Awesome Printed Illustrations of The State Series

October 01, 2009 from paul0v2's blog

Frank Chimero is an illustrator, graphic designer and writer based in Springfield, Missouri. In his website he has an awesome little shop that sell t-shirts, prints and posters. One of his project is called The State Series in which he...