We all know how the net goes and how hard is to get recognized for your work, specially nower days that is so easy to put up some work on a network like behance and deviantart. So here is a list of 10 illustrators you should definitely know but you provably don't, check it out!

1 - Genaro DeSia Coppola


2 - Mike Friedrich

http://www.mike-friedrich.com/ http://www.behance.net/siXsiXsiX

3 - Jared Nickerson

http://www.jthreeconcepts.com/ http://www.behance.net/j3concepts

4 - Thomas Pereira

http://akutoulovesyou.com http://www.behance.net/AKUTOU

5 - Niark1

http://www.niark1.com/ http://www.behance.net/Niark1

6 - SaltyShadow

http://www.saltyshadow.com/ http://saltyshadow.deviantart.com/

7 - Jason Levesque

http://blog.stuntkid.com/ http://stuntkid.deviantart.com/

8 - Michal Bialogrzywy


9 -Pacman23


10 - Rubens Cantuni

http://www.tokyocandies.com http://www.behance.net/TokyoCandies

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