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Abduzeedo is a collection of visual inspiration and useful tutorials

Abduzeedo is a blog about design. There are all sorts of articles for those who want to look for inspiration. Also you will find very useful tutorials for the most used applications out there, with a special selection of Photoshop Tutorials and Illustrator Tutorials. Of course there are other softwares conteplated like Pixelmator, Fireworks, and web design tutorials.

One of the goals of Abduzeedo is to be an open channel to the design community, encouraging feedback. The Daily Inspiration is a proof of that, everybody can send images that inspired them so we can share with the community.


Founded in December 2006 by Brazilian designer Fabio Sasso and his business partner and friend at Zee, Fabiano Meneghetti, Abduzeedo follows Sasso’s own experimentations and records his abduction by the world of design, which set the theme for the blog.

What began as a means for backup after an ugly robbery, is now one of the design world’s most sought after blog for inspiration and tutorials. Abduzeedo draws in more than a hundred thousand design enthusiasts a day and almost three million a month. We have contributors from Brazil and the USA, and readers from all over the globe.

"The blog's name means abducted in Portuguese. I changed its spelling from "abduzido" to "abduzeedo" so I could add the name of the company I founded in 2004, ZEE.


  • Photo of Fabio Sasso AKA Abduzeedo

    Fabio Sasso

    Designer from Porto Alegre, Brazil. Currently working for Google in Mountain View, California. You can follow me via Twitter at @fabiosasso or also visit my personal site at fabiosasso.com

  • Photo of Fabiano Meneghetti

    Fabiano Meneghetti

    Fabiano is an architect and designer from Porto Alegre, Brazil. He's been working with design since he got his degree in architecture, a bit odd isnt it? He's a master in UX, Sketch, CSS among other skills. Besides that he's co-founder of ZEE and Designer at Resultados Digitais. You can follow me on Twitter at @FabianoMe or visit fabiano.me.

  • Photo of Paulo Gabriel

    Paulo Gabriel

    I'm from Porto Alegre, Brazil and I have worked as a webdesigner since 2006, but websites and blogs have been a hobbie for me since 1999. Here in Abduzeedo, I try to bring only the hot stuff for you... and hope that all of you enjoy my posts! For more cool stuff, you may follow me on Twitter: @paulogabriel

  • Photo of Paulo Canabarro

    Paulo Canabarro (Paul0v2)

    Hi there! I'm Paulo Canabarro, 26 year old web designer - paulocanabarro.com. I'm from Brazil currently living and working out of Providence RI, USA. I'm truly passionate about design of all kinds, finding and sharing inspiration here has become part of my life. If you like to know more about me or get in touch visit my website paulocanabarro.com. Stock me at Twitter and Dribbble.

  • Photo of Gisele Muller

    Gisele Muller

    I'm Gisele Müller, a person that really likes technology, design, photography and creativity. Someone starting a new way as a geek wannabe, tech fan and a communication lover! Current location: Porto Alegre, RS – Brazil. Twitter user: @gismullr

  • Amanda Macedo

    Amanda Macedo

    Amanda Macedo is a designer and blogger by passion and profession. Living and working out of her backpack, she can now be found in San Francisco, CA, biking, writing, dancing, and tweeting .

  • Marcos Torres

    Marcos Torres

    Marcos Torres it's a young graphic artist from Porto Alegre, Brazil. He already had the opportunity to work with some big clients as Coke, FIAT, Vivo and others. Nowadays, after working 4 years on advertisement agencies, he decided to focus on what he truly loves: illustration, working on a large range of medias from Digital Art to Graffiti. You can get to know more about him on his Website.

  • Francois Hoang

    Francois Hoang

    My name's François Hoang and my alias's Aoiro Studio. I am a self-taught freelance graphic designer from Montreal, Canada. I've been designing for the last 4 years and really have a huge passion for creative work that makes a difference in our world. If you wanna requests some posts; I can be found on Twitter or visit my website at aoirostudio.com.

  • Marcelo Seferin

    Marcelo Seferin

    My name is Marcelo Seferin, I'm an architect from Porto Alegre, Brazil and I'm the chief architect at Seferin Arquitetura, an office that works with architecture, interior design and sustainability projects. You can check our work at seferin.com.br. Twitter: @mseferin

  • You

    If you like reading Abduzeedo and you are as much as a design junkie as we are, then you're the one we're looking for. How about writing a post? We'd love to publish it! And if you are really talented, you might join our team!! Email us to get more information about it!


Rawz is our user generated site where anyone can share their work or work with the Abduzeedo community. You can also share what inspires you, always crediting and linking the source properly. In addition to that, the best images get selected and published on the Daily Inspiration series here on Abduzeedo.

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