I've been working with Photoshop for some time now. I really like the software and what can be achieved using it. What amazes me more is the quality of works that were done using it. There are people who really know how to push the boundaries of the tool and produce astonishing pieces of work. It is exactly those people, whom have inspired me that i want to list in this post.

1 - Adhemas Batista (Brazil) - http://www.adhemas.com/

2 - Bert Monroy (USA) - http://www.bertmonroy.com/

3 - Derel Lea (Canada) - http://www.dereklea.com/

4 - Eduardo Recife (Brazil) - http://www.eduardorecife.com/

5 - Ian Keltie (U.K) - http://www.iankeltie.com/

6 - Joan Charmant - http://www.joancharmant.com/

7 - Joshua M. Smith - http://www.hydro74.com/

8 - Justin M. Maller (Australia) - http://www.superlover.com.au/

9 - Nik Ainley (U.K) - http://www.shinybinary.com/

10 - Scott Hansen (USA) - http://www.iso50.com/

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