The online art group named the Luminarium just released their 17th exhibit entitled Illuminate IV. From science fiction to stunning landscape photography, this exhibit will surely offer something for everyone. Hope you will enjoy them and get inspired!

For more information about the Luminarium and their artists, you can visit , or simply follow them on Twitter @theLuminarium.

Magnetic fields by Maxime des TOUCHES

What is that? by Alessio

Takeover by Kuldar

The cascade departure by O21

Peace by Undiscovered Artist

Approaching The Cuillins by Smiling Demon

By The Thames River by Shue13

From Here I Can Almost See The Stars by Tigaer

Monument To A Forgotten Era by System

Snow Tempest in the Alien Sahara by Shue13

Unsustainable by Kaioshen

Scale of Life by blueDragoon

Rising from the Ashes by Smiling Demon & Thor

Take Me Somewhere Nice by System

Our Sun is dying by Kuldar

Giants graveyard by Kuldar

The Way Home by Kuldar

Mine by Kuldar

Party Animals by blueDragoon

Era by shn

Back To The Modern Hive by Shue13

Nessie by O21

Loki's Hammer by tsarye

Forgotten Glory by jcbarquet

Loki's Hammer by tsarye

Homeland by Zhachrod

Spark of War by tsarye

Tranquility by Undiscovered Artist

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