ABDZ Sticker Contest: The Winners

So, after a really tough time trying to decide thru 251 entries, we finally got the three lucky guys who won. I would like to thank every contestants who took part on this, you all done great, hopefully we will do another contest on similar guidelines pretty soon, cheers!

The Winners

First Place: nairbnorb

Second Place: neilhanvey

Third Place: heinenstroodle


The other 5 best:







Even If you guys didn't won the contest, please don't get mad at us, because we are giving a special discount to our readers:

Sticker Printing Discount

If you'd like to get stickers printed, All contestants get a special discount on Sticker Robot by using the coupon code "ABDUZEEDO" in your shopping cart.

Thanks everybody, you done great!

Written by

Marcos Torres

I'm Marcos Torres, I'm a Graphic Artist from Brasil. You can know more about me at my Website, at my Tumblr or at my Flickr.