Amazing Vanishing Point Photography

Vanishing point photography is everywhere—most people don't even know it exists, but if you know about perspective you provably know what we are talking about. This technique started being used many years ago on the drawings of such artists as Donatello, and now can be seen in many photographies as you can see in this amazing selection of great vanishing point photography.

Vanishing Point

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A vanishing point is a point in a perspective drawing to which parallel lines not perpendicular to the image plane appear to converge. The number and placement of the vanishing points determines which perspective technique is being used. The concept was first used by Renaissance artists such as Donatello and Masaccio.

Vanishing points can also refer to the point in the distance where the two verges of a road appear to converge. This is often used to help assess the upcoming curves in the road; to judge the radius and therefore the entry speed and optimum line. If the vanishing point moves towards you or to your sides, the curve is tightening. If the vanishing point moves away from you or comes to center, the curve is straightening.

For more info visit: Wikipedia—Vanishing Points


by nighthawk3

Vanishing Point Photo


by Cormac Phelan

Vanishing Point Photo

Last Tube Home

by MrLomo

Vanishing Point Photo

Speeding Tunnel

by MrLomo

Vanishing Point Photo

Tunnel Vision

by ElWanderer

Vanishing Point Photo

Traveling Without Moving

by Formalfallacy

Vanishing Point Photo


by alvatrosskyi

Vanishing Point Photo

9th st Path Station

by derajfast

Vanishing Point Photo


by Justin Timperio

Vanishing Point Photo

My Soul's Door

by Ben Heine

Vanishing Point Photo


by Werner Boehm

Vanishing Point Photo

Night Monster

by skiplecariboo

Vanishing Point Photo

Road El Chalten

by imagesconcept

Vanishing Point Photo


by AJ UK

Vanishing Point Photo

Little Light Explorer

by MSC-PhotoDesign

Vanishing Point Photo

Welcome change as the rule and not as your ruler

by Atul Tater

Vanishing Point Photo

Tunnel to the Pentagon Memorial

by Heather Dyan

Vanishing Point Photo

Autumn is Back

by bondesu

Vanishing Point Photo

Next Stop: Sewastopol

by yushimoto

Vanishing Point Photo

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