Amazing Work of Romeu & Julieta Art Studio

Illustrator and freelance animator for more than 4 years, Jean Campos has accumulated experience and strength in his work, making him more conceptual and open to new techniques. Today he is ahead of "Romeu & Julieta Art Studio", which he is one of the partners and responsible for the whole creation and direction of the illustrations and animations that the company develops.

"Romeu & Julieta is a milestone in my career, the realization of a dream, to have a studio with structure and support of care and planning of everything that is done is fantastic. My partner Patricia Palma, professional advertiser, is the only professional able to take this compromise with me, she knows of what we are capable to do... together we are invincible (LOL). " Jean says. Today Jean Campos lives in Cuiabá, Mato Grosso, his studio is a pioneer in the state and one of the few of the center-west region of Brazil, has partnerships with agencies such as F / Nazca, Age, and NBS BINDER / CF + M, working to clients like Nike SB, Oi, Oscar Freire, Cultura Inglesa, Petrobrás, Nation Wide Marítima, Previ, Shopping Nova América, Pakalolo, Freeday, Lilica Ripilica and Citycol. Among the work already mentioned, he teaches courses, workshops and lectures on Adobe Illustrator, and the creative processes of illustration, to professionals in the field of advertising and fashion. "The software is just a tool, the difference lies in that the operator intends to do with what he has in his hands." Work hard, and possibilities for experimentation is the way the work of this artist flows, as same as his company Romeu & Julieta Art Studio. More information and some of their work can be seen in their portfolio online:

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