Bored at home with Photoshop: The Tutorial

Submitted by Cameron on Thu, 12/25/2008 - 02:28

Last week I posted "Bored at home with Photoshop™" which showed a sped up process of me retouching an image. I was pretty surprised with the results and the simplicity of the effect. With some persuasion by Fabio, I decided to create a...

Bored at home with Photoshop

Submitted by Cameron on Sun, 12/14/2008 - 22:02

Well it's been almost 7 months since I posted my last video on here and I have learned a lot of great techniques since then. The "A perfect lie in Adobe Photoshop" was a great start; however, I have learned that the techniques that I had...

A Perfect Lie in Photoshop

Submitted by Cameron on Fri, 05/16/2008 - 19:27

Hi my name is Cameron Rad. I am 17 years old and am an aspiring graphic designer from Los Angeles, California. I have been using photoshop for almost 2 years now and thought i should take it upon myself to try something new. I have always...