Design:Related, another good place to show your portfolio

Submitted by abduzeedo on Wed, 08/27/2008 - 16:15

Ok, I know that there are a lot of excellent design communities out there, but I really like this one, design:related . It has a nice design, simple to use, active members and of course great jobs.

Beautiful Decorative Stickers

Submitted by abduzeedo on Wed, 08/27/2008 - 11:04

When you move to a new place, probably the first thing you do after getting all your furniture placed is trying to make your new home good looking... and there are some simple ideas that will do the job just fine.

Wallpaper of the Week 19

Submitted by abduzeedo on Wed, 08/27/2008 - 05:27

The wallpaper of this week is an amazing design from Dries Schaballie the co-founder of Sevenedge Interactive Media , which has a really cool website too, definitely worth checking it out. Also, we'd like to thank all readers that sent us...

Creating Smoke Video Tutorial - Experiment 2

Submitted by abduzeedo on Tue, 08/26/2008 - 03:57

Last July I started playing around with some software to create video tutorials. Last year I had done a video tutorial showing how to in Photoshop and last month I did one showing how to enhance your pictures . Now I will show you how to...

Microsoft launches Photosynth

Submitted by abduzeedo on Mon, 08/25/2008 - 16:26

Microsoft labs (their counterpart to Google labs I guess) has created a new online application called Photosynth that takes regular digital photos and creates a 360 view. It's similar to Quicktime VR except you don't need any special...

Video Inspiration: Magic Flashlights

Submitted by abduzeedo on Mon, 08/25/2008 - 09:15

Who, this is one of my favourite snowboard movies. Nowerdays you have to be very creative if you want to impress the viewer, now that there are a lot of very good snowboarder out there. Mike Benson had a great Idea and just add motion work...

Awesome "Color Visualizations" Book

Submitted by abduzeedo on Mon, 08/25/2008 - 07:51

Dr. Woohoo!, a hispanic designer, made an awesome book about probably our favorite subject: COLORS! "Color Visualizations: Exploring the Circle, vol 02" is a great book that any person who loves great visuals should take a look at. From...

Smashing Magazine's Contest - win a Wacom tablet!

Submitted by abduzeedo on Sun, 08/24/2008 - 09:55

Smashing Magazine is hosting a contest that I wanted to pass along because I think you'd be interested in participating. Especially since the prize is a Wacom Intuos3 9X12 USB Tablet. I know I could sure use one of those. Good luck!