Inspiration: SA3S

Submitted by abduzeedo on Sun, 06/22/2008 - 18:20

There are a lot of very creative artists from the UK, and it’s always inspiring to check out their work. SA3S is another great example, and that’s why we showcase his work here ;)

Hulk Eyes Effect - Photoshop Tutorial

Submitted by abduzeedo on Sat, 06/21/2008 - 17:54

Yesterday I watched the Incredible Hulk... and it was a real thrill ride. For those who are into the Marvel's Cross Universe, It was a great movie, probably not as great as Iron Man, but still a great movie. And now I'm gonna teach you how...

Best of the Week #18

Submitted by abduzeedo on Sat, 06/21/2008 - 12:41

This week we are featuring a lot of web news. The big one was the official launch of Firefox 3 and it has been set a record for most downloads in a single day. Besides that, this week was full of graphic inspirations, and really colorful...

Inspiration: Vitaly Alexius

Submitted by abduzeedo on Fri, 06/20/2008 - 12:38

We've already featured some artists from DeviantArt, great ones... and it's always good to find more great artists, like Vitaly Alexius , who makes a kind of post apocalyptic art.

Cool Web Image Editor: Sumopaint

Submitted by abduzeedo on Fri, 06/20/2008 - 12:00

We've seen some cool web apps come out this year, like Aviary, and now I've came to know a new one: Sumopaint . It's simpler than Aviary, but you can still make some cool stuff there.

Sites of the week #5

Submitted by abduzeedo on Thu, 06/19/2008 - 23:18

This week I've chosen 5 sites, but 2 of them are especial for me. One is the redesign of Jason Santa Maria's site. It's a blog that I liked a lot... it's a clean and beautiful layout. The other one is Spread Firefox, created for the "...

Wallpaper of the Week #10

Submitted by abduzeedo on Thu, 06/19/2008 - 10:19

The wallpaper of this week is a very cool design called Compassion from Ginger Monkey Design , the home of Tom Lane & friends. They have just updated their portfolio with some amazing new works. It's definitely worth checking it out,...

Video Inspiration: The Coca-Cola Hapiness Factory

Submitted by abduzeedo on Wed, 06/18/2008 - 18:14

Today is Abduzeedo's Coca-Cola Day =) so this link wont miss. "The Coca-Cola Hapiness Factory" is a short animation ad for Coca Cola and really really amazing. It belongs to my "Top 10 movies" ever.