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Friday Fresh Free Fonts #69

Friday Fresh Free Fonts #69
I will be posting some fresh free fonts every Friday, yes I know it's awesome. I will look forward to bring a lot of great fonts that will sure help you improve your typography work. Check out what I selected for you on the FFFF#69 and...

Ilustração + Tipografia = Série de Posters

37 Posters é um projeto de Jerod Gibson, uma série de posters com simples silhuetas de imagens de filmes ou da TV, preenchidas com frases. O resultado é um design simples mas inspirador, confiram.

Illustration with Typography Poster Series

37 Posters is a project by Jerod Gibson where he started a series of posters with a simple silhouette image from a movie or television show and filled it with quotes. The result is a pretty simple and cool design that should inspire...

Typography Mania #48

Typography Mania é uma série semanal que vai ser postada todas as Quartas com o melhor dos trabalhos de tipografia da web, de vídeos a imagens, materiais com ótimo design e muito inspiradores. Confira o Typography Mania dessa semana e...

Typography Mania #48

Typography Mania is a weekly post series that comes around every Wednesday with the best of Typography work on the web, from type videos to images everything is full of great design and typography inspiration.

Terça Textura Total 39

Terça Textura Total é uma série de posts que darão uma outra cara as suas Terças. Toda semana vou postar algumas texturas grátis hi resolution para que possa usar em seus projetos. Confira as texturas dessa semana, faça o download daquelas...

Tuesday Total Textures 39

Tuesday Total Textures is post series that will bring a new life to your Tuesdays. Every week I'll be posting some free hi resolution textures that you can use in your projects. Check out this week's textures, download the ones you like...

Future of Web Design - New York

FOWD Future of Web Design is back to New York this November 15th - 17th. I'm happy to announce that me and Fabio are going to be there and it's going to be awesome! A 3 day event with the best speakers in the industry is a must go to...



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