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3D Works by Teodoru Badiu

Experimentation is really important... whether you're coming up with some pretty intense art or with cheerful designs. You must be open for any possibility, and this guy, Teodoru Badiu has done that.

O Escritório Perfeito #46

Ultimamente nós temos visto muitos gadgets e equipamentos para designers. São tantas coisas legais que poderíamos montar infinitos escritórios perfeitos! Toda semana montaremos um escritório perfeito e gostaríamos da ajuda de vocês. Que...

The Perfect Office #46

We've seen some great gadgets and equipment for designers. So many cool stuff, that we could actually assemble infinite perfect office spaces! Every week we'll assemble a perfect office, and we'd like you to help us. What equipment would...

Fotografia Simétrica

Simetria é aquele elemento que realmente chama a atenção em uma fotografia. Pode ser algo natural ou feito pelo homem, mas de qualquer maneira é bonito. Fiz algumas buscas e encontrei fotografias simétricas muito legais.

Symmetrical Photography

Symmetry is that one thing that really catches everybody's attention in any photography. It may be natural or manmade, but it's awesome either way. I've done my research and found some cool symmetrical images.

Logo Design: Água

A série Logo Design está de volta! Estamos pensando na melhor maneira de montar essas listas. Na semana passada mostramos logos com fogo... hoje vamos para o lado oposto: água!

Logo Design: Water

The Logo Design series is up and running! We're thinking ahead and we want to find new ways to sort these listings. Last week we had a post on fire logos... today it's the opposite: water!

Fotografia Conceitual de Berlim

Para muitos, fotografia conceitual pode não dizer muito. Mas para mim, a ideia do conceitual é justamente o oposto. É uma porta aberta para a imaginação, para o pensamento livre e para o nascimento de ideias e conceitos.


Tutorial Suggestions

Over the years we have been writing tutorials about all sorts of subjects, especially Photoshop and Illustration. We want to share here with you some of our favorite ones hopping that they can help you as much as they helped us.


Rawz is our user generated site where anyone can share their work or work with the Abduzeedo community. You can also share what inspires you, always crediting and linking the source properly. In addition to that, the best images get selected and published on the Daily Inspiration series here on Abduzeedo.

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