115+ Absolutely Awesome Time-Lapse Videos - Part 2

Submitted by PauloGabriel on Mon, 03/30/2009 - 08:43

Last week we began a brief series of posts on Time-Lapse videos that our reader Sanid Jusic sent us. Since he sent us over 115 videos, we had to make it a 4 posts series, and this is #2. Check these out. Time-lapse photography is a...
115+ Absolutely Awesome Time-Lapse Videos - Part 1

115+ Absolutely Awesome Time-Lapse Videos - Part 1

Submitted by PauloGabriel on Fri, 03/27/2009 - 09:32

Today we begin featuring a brief series of posts, sent by our reader Sanid Jusic . He sent us over 115 absolutely awesome time-lapse videos, so many videos we are actually gonna have to make a 4 parts post so that our computers won't crash.

Web Design: Minimalistic Sites

Submitted by PauloGabriel on Thu, 03/26/2009 - 09:31

"Less is more". That's what some people say... and they might be right. Usually, minimalistic sites are really beautiful, and even with few elements, they deliver us their message, and that's just what we need. Even though we really like...

Super Cool Photo Manips by Mariano Villalba

Submitted by PauloGabriel on Wed, 03/25/2009 - 09:30

For us here at Abduzeedo, photo manipulation is a true art. When you have liberty to create, you get yourself a real challenge in your hands: to design a cool photo manipulation that others might believe is an actual scene.

The Evolution of the Batman Logo

Submitted by PauloGabriel on Tue, 03/24/2009 - 09:05

This video came to me in the right moment. I've always wondered how come the Batman logo changed so much, different from other superheroes, such as the Superman. Each story line, each media, has its own Batman logo. And it was cool to find...

Web Design: Collage Sites

Submitted by PauloGabriel on Mon, 03/23/2009 - 09:31

Collage is a cool style that deserves attention. Assembling random images to built a good looking site is one though task, but there are those who manage to do a fantastic job, worth of being showcased here. These examples bellow are...

The Amazing Dell Adamo Laptop

Submitted by PauloGabriel on Sat, 03/21/2009 - 14:17

Mac has been been a clear sign of flawless design... simple, but functional, and for a long time, PC market had been ignoring that fact, but we are seeing some changes before our eyes. The Dell Adamo shows us that they got lots of hidden...

Amazing Football Tackle Pictures

Submitted by PauloGabriel on Fri, 03/20/2009 - 10:24

In Brazil, we usually go for the other kind of football, soccer. But we gotta recognized that the American one delivers us some amazing moments, such as the tackle. Seeing flying dudes is one hell of a ride.