Breathtaking Photo Illustrations by Valp

Straight from Poland, Maciej Hanjnrich aka Valp is a super talented artist/designer, with a mixed portfolio that goes from illustrations to web designs, he manages to keep everything the flame going wherever he's working. Check out some of his best photo illustrations.

Maciej Hajnrich aka Valp is a Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Art Director. Born in 1981, living and working in Katowice, Poland. Self-taught and full-time freelance artist with five years of experience in print and webdesign. Valp has established himself as a creative digital artist - after years of experimenting and playing with imagination he has build his own style with high attention to details, colours and textures. Graphic design for Valp always was something more than just a profession. During last two years of his full-time freelance work he was commissioned by Back Row Productions, Platige Image, Weinsten Company, Warner Music Poland, Armada Skis to name a few. Valp designed illustrations for such a great musical Pricilla - Queen of the Desert; he was also a judge for iStockphoto's Battle Royale and his work has been widely published. Valp is also a member of Keystone Design Union and Depthcore digital arts community.
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Personal illustration. Name came from mixing 'angel' with 'triangle' (third artwork after Trust the Future and Winter Espionage). Photo by Shane Aves.

Pure Energy

Personal artwork, originally published in HEIST pack by depthCore collective and Invisible Borders (Reg'Arts) exhibition at Lille, France (2009).

TVP2 styleframe

Styleframe | Work in progress (comp not finished). Commissioned by Odeon.

Copernicus Science Centre

World In Motion | Artwork presenting one of the exhibitions. Commissioned by Platige Image. Visit Copernicus website.

Copernicus Science Centre

World In Motion | Artwork presenting one of the exhibitions. Commissioned by Platige Image. Visit Copernicus website.

Priscilla Queen of the Desert

Musical illustration

Copernicus Science Centre

Visualisation: Cinetical statue on the roof garden on the Copernicus Science Centre. Commissioned by Platige Image. Visit Copernicus website.

We Like To Create

Entertainment TV Styleframe

A Touch Of Me

Lifestyle magazine cover proposal

Katowice Anomaly

Music Festival Illustration

Millennium Software illustration

Winter Espionage

Trust The Future


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