I can't believe I missed this one but while checking on Behance I ended up on this page about the Canadian Olympic Committee Rebrand. The project is quite amazing, it plays with the idea of polygons and lines geometric lines sort of reminds me the City of Melbourne branding a couple of years ago. Besides that the idea of using white space to create the symbol is very clever.

In the early 1900's, the Canadian Olympic Team was among the first to use the maple leaf as an icon for our nation. We drew from this rich history in re-imaging the Team's identity, working to create a system that put this tradition back in its place in as timeless a fashion as possible. For more information check out our website

For more information check out http://stillbrandworks.com/teamcanada/branding/

The new identity system for the Canadian Olympic Committee, built around the geometry of our humble maple leaf, was unveiled on June 6th, 2011, accompanied by a launch video. The system encompasses brand strategy, brand architecture, marks, typography, colour, graphics, photography style, writing style, and brand.

Via Behance

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