This is a great case study by Lukasz Ruszel a designer from Poland. Lucasz explain all the ideas behind the logo and shares every step of the process with us. Check it out!

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Case Study: Centurion Logo Design


My job was to design a logo for a young team of graphic designers and engineers, with a knack for creating smart and powerful visualizations of architectural and interior design projects.

They wanted a symbol that would be simple, clever and modern, but at the same time connected with the name of their business.


After having exchanged several emails with my client I decided to start my research process by looking up centurion-based symbols that had been created previously.

It turned out that the archetypical Roman warrior is quite a popular theme in branding:

Case Study: Centurion Logo Design

Most of these designs depict centurion's profile, as it helps to highlight the very characteristic plume on top of the helmet.


Case Study: Centurion Logo Design


Case Study: Centurion Logo Design

The first two concepts, while quite nice (especially the second one), were too complicated and not unique enough. The last one seemed very much on target and easily the best match for the company. From this point on, I have concentrated my efforts on refining it.


Case Study: Centurion Logo Design

Case Study: Centurion Logo Design

Final result

I was able to create a very minimalistic, yet easily recognizable depiction of a centurion's head. A smart design that my client was thrilled with.

Case Study: Centurion Logo Design

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