Last July I started playing around with some software to create video tutorials. Last year I had done a video tutorial showing how to in Photoshop and last month I did one showing how to enhance your pictures. Now I will show you how to create smoke in Photoshop. The same effect from the most famous tutorial on Abduzeedo.

It's not a final product, I'm still learning how to do video tutorials and testing different apps. The first I tested was iShowU, which, I really liked. Yesterday I tested another one called Screenflow, and I have to say it's a awesome software, despite the exporting process, too slow.

The audio is, still an issue, I will have to buy a good microphone otherwise the sound is terrible. But it will be fixed for sure.

Below you can see the video. Also you can download the PSD file here.

Create Smoke in Photoshop - Video Experiment 2 from fabio sasso on Vimeo.

Final Image Preview

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