We've had articles on tattoos in the past but today I wanted to share with you guys a different, simpler, and cuter, if you will, approach to tattooing.

Some of these are henna, some were done with permanent markers, and some are real tattoos. Despite these differences they all have one thing in common: very interesting and creative designs. No elaborate colors or shadings. Just simple outlines that make for very unique and well thought-out body art.

I came across a creative project by Thomas Brodahl called "Tattooday" where he wrote a different saying or lyric on his arm everyday in hopes that the words sink into his mind, and the meaning into his body. I found his approach very interesting so I decided to share some of his temporary tattoos with you today. You can check out his whole series here.

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Thomas Brodahl

Lou O' Bedlam

jackie young


Blake Coleman

Josh Chen


Pink fish

Matt Spalding


Sarah Tomlinson


Courtney Barron


Shelly Casper



Liana Garcia Joyce

kevin kay

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