On last December 8th, we celebrated the 1000th Daily Inspiration on Abduzeedo and for the occasion we have put together an incredible giveaway for you all. We randomly picked the winners among all your comments and here are the lucky winners!

Originally, the Daily Inspiration started as a way for us to share images we liked since we were constantly finding good stuff on the web and wanted to bookmark them. People really enjoyed it and slowly the Daily became quite popular. You guys started sharing your inspirations and work with us, and that really made what the Daily Inspiration is today, and for that, we thank you.

2 Abduzeeedo Book Winners

Fabi Simoes (fabianasrs(@)gmail.com) and Hafyzza Kamal (hafyzza(@)live.com)

Abduzeedo Book

2 Abduzeeedo Retro Posters Winners

bechteaa(@)mail.uc.edu and Patrick Suin (suin2d(@)gmail.com)

Abduzeedo Retro Poster

1 NoPattern Calendar and 1 T-shirt (of your choice)

NoPattern Calendar (tyler(@)vandesandedesign.com)
NoPattern T-Shirt (brandoncoxdesign(@)gmail.com)

NoPattern Calendar and T-Shirt

To the winners, we'll contact you and we'll send your prizes via the mail. Also thanks to everybody for participating and contributing to the Daily Inspiration. If you wanna be featured in the Daily Inspiration, make sure to check out our Abduzeedo Raw Inspiration at Raw.Abduzeedo.com

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