Depthcore New Chapter: Obsolete

Every time Depthcore releases a new art pack I feel like it is Christmas time... so I unwrap the presents they offer and see what they have done for me this time. Today we will show you some pieces from the "Obsolete" chapter. And by the way, merry christmas to everyone. ;)

Rebirth by Perttu Murto

Disco very by Rik Oostenbroek

All That's left by Mike Harrison

L.A.P.D. by Microbot

JNK-2 by Ehren Mikeal Kallman

Pump by Justin Maller

The Meltdown by Rik Oostenbroek

The Reaper by Sougwen Chung

Preconscious by Niklas Lundberg

Mandala: Micro + Macro by Matt W. Moore

Rise of the Kingdom by Joshua Smith

Obsoletus by Saddo

Lone Warrior by Erik Schumacher

The Reaper by Richards Roberts

E.T. (Part 7) by Phil Dunne

END by Olivier Ballast

Power Plant by David Mascha

Scattered Time - Wednesday by Niklas Lumdberg

Visionary Mirror by Alejandro Javier Soto Martinessi

The last day on the Sun

Human after all by David Mascha & Rik Oostenbroek

For the complete art pack click here
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Alexis Papageorgiou


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