Design Trends for 2009 - Follow or Not Follow

Every new year we get to see articles reviewing the year that has gone and predictions for the one that has just started. As designers, we wonder what will change and what will be the new trends in graphic design, web design, or simply in design in general.

As designers we must be aware of what is happening in our industry, in this case, the trends that will be followed... not simply to be another adopter of them in our designs but also, to allow us to try different things. Not that I think it’s wrong to follow tendencies, it’s the opposite, I believe they are great tools for us to create something good and modern.

Adhemas Batista Design - Design Trends for 2009 - Follow or Not Follow
Adhemas Batista design for Digital Arts Magazine, January 2009

However, most of the trends tend to get overused and saturated, and that can be hazardous to our work. There is a nice article on David Airey’s blog called “Do you follow logo design trends” where he says:

"It’s easy to say, “I don’t follow trends”, but with so many internal and external influences surrounding us, how can we honestly say we’re not affected by what others are doing"

Another great article is from Smashing Magazine called “Don’t follow trends, set them!” where they show us the importance of creating something unique and fresh and not simply following the next hot trends.

In my opinion, as designers, we have to use all tools available to deliver the best product to the target audience. That means, if our audience expects something trendy we must do that. The point is that we don’t have to create something following styles just for the sake of the trends. Besides, I think there are “trends” that seem to last forever, like simplicity for example, at least Apple has shown us in their product design for over a decade already.

Apple new Macbook Pro 17, January 2009 - Design Trends for 2009 - Follow or Not Follow
Apple new Macbook Pro 17, January 2009

Also, I'd like to hear your opinion on this. I think the best way to evolve is sharing our experiences, and that's why I've questioned on twitter about what would be the new design trends. The comments were great and very useful as you can see below. And of course, leave us a comment telling us what do you think will be the new trends and whether it's important to follow them or not.

Hot Trends for 2009

Web Design Trends for 2009

1960's Style and Blue as the New Green -

Design Trends for 2009 - Follow or Not Follow

Logo Design from Logoorange -

Psychedelic Pop Backgrounds

Logo Design Trends for 2009 - Follow or Not Follow


Logo Design Trends for 2009 - Follow or Not Follow

Tactile Logos

Logo Design Trends for 2009 - Follow or Not Follow


Logo Design Trends for 2009 - Follow or Not Follow

Classic Modernism

Logo Design Trends for 2009 - Follow or Not Follow


Logo Design Trends for 2009 - Follow or Not Follow

80's Geometry Lesson

Logo Design Trends for 2009 - Follow or Not Follow

Typographic Logos

Logo Design Trends for 2009 - Follow or Not Follow

Street Art

Logo Design Trends for 2009 - Follow or Not Follow

Top 2009 Marketing Trends -

Twice as many marketers (as compared to last year’s survey) are sick of buzzwords “Web 2.0”, “blogs”, “social networking”. But while that is, they admit still knowing little, or not enough, about them. This was evident in the results of a MENG social media study released on November 6, 2008, showing 67% of executive marketers consider themselves beginners when it comes to using social media for marketing purposes.

Comments via Twitter (


I would like to see more era-specific retro designs...40's, 50's, 60's...Minimal design schemes will be more prevalent in 2009!


I guess more 80's retro actually,,


I think You're correct. I think navigation will be larger to accompdate more mobile devices too.


not sure, guess its per-website-basis. funny tho they are saying "year of netbook" so...I prefer desktops personally about 18 hours ago from Netvibes in reply to abduzeedo


Shitty economy will lead to minimal, clean, simple color combos that make definite statements. Lots of greens, beiges


This is what I think - Magazine layouts will be another big trend


I think tightly tracked text settings will pop up more in the states/western europe ... borrow a trend from our friends south :)


as far as the web, I'd continue to think Motion and Video will prevail


clean and aesthetic style on brand, this Asian eye candy illustrations that all look the same and overshadows brands will passoff


Edges will make a comeback, I think rounded corners will be on their way out


Simplicity, white and video oriented interfaces

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