One of the most popular tutorials I've ever written was the one for the image I use on my Twitter profile, that is a digital Bokeh effect created in Photoshop.

I have already published a tutorial on how to create that in Photoshop and Pixelmator, but I still receive quite a few emails from people asking me how to do that. So Ash Davies from Photo Guides recorded a screencast showing how to create the effect.

In photography, bokeh is one of the most incredible implementations of Aperture. The shallow depth of field causes any light in the background to blur into a floating orb. Bokeh is derived from the Japanese word ‘Boke’ which means blur or haze. In the late 1990s though, when ‘boke’ photography was becoming popular, the word was changed to ‘bokeh’ to help us english speaking people say it properly.


Photoshopping Digital Bokeh from Ash Davies on Vimeo.

"I'm Ash Davies and I'm the owner and editor of Photo Guides. Photography and Photoshop are two great passions of mine, and Photo Guides is my source to share my knowledge, as well as my excuse to learn cool new stuff."

For more screencasts I highly recommend that you check out Also if you want to see the writter versions of this tutorial, visit:

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