Express Newspaper Case Study

In this post we will take a close look at the final project of design student Yash Misra as he takes a new approach to newspaper design and shares his process and ideas with us. I'm always amazed by design process and here is a very interesting one, check it out!

This project is a creation by Yash Misra

Yash Misra is a graphic design student, continously exploring the field. As it is, the field had interested him from the very beginning. There has always been a sort of glamour in the posters, brochures, websites etc, which he saw. He likes to explore deep into print media, especially publication.

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One Page Newspaper

As my final year class room project, I decided to take up the Newspaper design. A newspaper essentially poses a very complex system design and information design challenge. As for my insights which claimed:

Newspapers and other printed modes of communication today face a severe onslaught from the digital media and platforms. They are fast becoming a commodity of luxury in terms of time, money and energy. Attention span of the user has grown lesser day by day. There is too much of distraction from all sorts of information being targeted for his attention.To get the real news/information, he needs to pass through many layers to get it. The complete newspaper of over 20 pages reduces to mere 4 pages of essential and selective reading, as the reader doesnt have the complete time to read the entire news, though he wished he had been able to read everything.

Express Newspaper Case Study

I tried to see how much news can be accommodated into one page. I tried only the headlines. Kept the size of the newspaper same.

Express Newspaper Case Study

This made me realize, that this is probably not the best solution. Too much text is intimidating. The news hierarchy is not clear at all. Only 35 news items were included, which excluded most of the economics and the complete sports

Express Newspaper Case Study
Trying to figure out, how the gutter spaces work in this case.

Express Newspaper Case StudyHere I was trying to figure out the different genres of the news

After this I am straight away going to the final solution. There are intermediate steps which range from the twitter like solution to complete paragraph based news. Trying to get a balance out of the extremes, here I present the final solution.

To keep few things in mind, my proposed newspaper has all the 50-60 news items, except editorial. Top 25 news are accompanied with a supporting paragraph which detail out the news ( of course we need to re-look at the way text is composed). After that the each item is a well written headline. Accompanied with each news item is the reporter/agency name and the place. We also have regulars like Market Indices/ temperature/ Currency/ Crude oil/ daily cartoon. All of this comes on the front side. The back is left for classifieds and the ads. A small space is also provided for the ads on the front page, depends on the number of news items.

Express Newspaper Case Study

This is where I am able to achieve all the 53 news items which are the total items, excluding the editorial. The second side is left for the classifieds and ads.

Express Newspaper Case Study

The top half contains the major news for the day from all the sections. It accompanies the first para of the complete article and is sufficient to have the complete summary of the news. The bolder the news the more important it is. The color of the captions on top tell which section the news belongs to.

Express Newspaper Case Study

The lower half has got the remaining news items set nicely in comfortable columns.

Express Newspaper Case Study

The legend on top helps the reader to navigate and relate various news items just by seeing the colors of the captions.

Express Newspaper Case Study

The name explains the purpose and the function of the newspaper.

Express Newspaper Case StudyThe mast head.

Express Newspaper Case StudyThe lower half in detail.

Express Newspaper Case StudyThe daily cartoon, weather and the world economy at a glance.


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