Eric Curry was born in 1956 in Los Angeles, California. A graduate of the Art Center College of Design in 1980, he lived in Scandinavia for the next 12 years, running his own advertising photography studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark, returning to the states in 1992.

Originally trained and specializing in studio still life/special effects photography for all those years, Eric eventually transitioned over to location industrial photography, because it affords, as he comments:

"A much broader pallet of avenues for creativity."

Currently, Mr. Curry creates photographs exclusively on location for select clients and himself, taking full advantage of the depth and possibilities afforded by each and every new challenge.

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Dive! Dive! Dive!

Building a Mini Submarine - This photo is a Recreation of an actual event that happened 26 years ago.

Fantastic Photographs by Eric Curry

King of the Hill

Fantastic Photographs by Eric Curry

DC-3: Workhorse

This is a real business that flies cargo every day to Catalina Island.

Fantastic Photographs by Eric Curry


Photographed on the deck of a U.S NAVY ship

Fantastic Photographs by Eric Curry

62' T-Bird: Honey, I'm Home...

Photographed i El Segundo CA. I borrowed the car from a local museum and the house of a neighbor in town.

Fantastic Photographs by Eric Curry

Tres Amigos

This real stage coach built by the Amish about 70 years ago, was photographed on a small ranch just north of Los Angeles. The horse shoer - Jud, the horse- Rio, and the dog -Digger are all locals that "volunteered" to be in my photo of Cowboys and the old west.

Fantastic Photographs by Eric Curry

Turn Around of Engine 2449

I was given permission from Union Pacific Rail Road to photograph one of their locomotives in the service yard at night. It took over a year of talking to finally get permission to do this difficult image. I tried to create an impression of these giant components almost scattered about randomly just like a child's toys being played with....

Fantastic Photographs by Eric Curry

Lockheed-12: End Of Day

This beautifully restored Lockeed-12 was photographed in Chino Airport, CA This aircraft was built in 1939 and served in WWII for the British, it did transport Winston Churchill and saw action and did also take battle damage.

Fantastic Photographs by Eric Curry


This is a photo of Jerome and his amazing creation. A super tricked out Harley Davidson motorcycle- sporting the character of Captain America, he is a "one man parade." The little boy on the side represents the junior Super Hero in all of us I think...

Fantastic Photographs by Eric Curry

Airstream Trailer: Home on the Range

This beautifully restored Airstream Trailer was borrowed form the owner, and placed out in the desert near Death Valley, CA in order for me to make the photo. The trailer, pink flamingos, ice chest and vintage green chairs are al property of Doug....

Fantastic Photographs by Eric Curry

Tractor In Flower Fields

Fantastic Photographs by Eric Curry

Lowrider: Eye Candy

Photographed in the front yard of a total stranger, we are recreating the scene of a couple dudes hanging out in the front yard with their amazing car.

Fantastic Photographs by Eric Curry

M1-A1 Main Battle Tank

On location at Fort Irwin, a United States Army Training base in the California desert. This image was created with this tank and her crew just days before the solders shipped out for their second tour of duty to Iraq

Fantastic Photographs by Eric Curry

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