Heartwarming Pictures of Dogs in Windows

We get to see lots of cats around the internet. People are crazy about them... but as much as I find them cute, I'd never have one. Because toxoplasmosis. And that said, I must state that I'm a dog person.

And why would you care? Because I get to post these heartwarming pictures of cute dogs in windows... sitting around, checking the movement outside, catching a little sunlight, and all that. These little creatures are the sweetest thing. And if you're a cat person... well, that's good for you. Keep your game on. These were taken by some people who got an eye for detail. For more of their awesome pictures, just click each picture to visit each portfolio. I hope you enjoy these! Cheers. ;)

david henderson

Heart-warming Pictures of Dogs in Windows

Silver Soe

doggy in the window

Nancy Johnson

Dogs, Incheon, Korea


Dog at a window


looking out the window

Michaela Hackner

Peepin' eye dog


How Much Is That Scary Dog in the Window

Krist De Poorter

Heart-warming Pictures of Dogs in Windows

Juan R. Fabeiro

Heart-warming Pictures of Dogs in Windows


Dipton Mill Inn - and dog

Scott King

Dog Daydreams

Justin Beck


Janet Woodhead

Dog in window

Maria Berggård Silow

Dog in window

Matteo Tessarolo

Dog on the window

Jerry Willis

Dogs in window in Hungary

José Eduardo Silva

dog at window


Heart-warming Pictures of Dogs in Windows

Prescott Pym

Window Watcher


one curious dog

Sam Friedman

Clara window 10


Dog looking out window

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