High-Rise B-Movie Poster Case Study by Falcon White Design

Inspired by such great artists like Drew Struzan I wanted to do a different kind of a promo photo that looks more like a kind of a lobby card with a mixture of painted touch and filthy film grain look.

Step 1

First I needed some hilarious photos in front of a green screen to make the extraction in Photoshop easier.

High-Rise B-Movie Case Study

Step 2

After browsing through millions of photos I chose those body parts I would like to put together because the perfect image is mostly hard to find. So I did this “digital Frankenstein-ing” with layer masks. The models were mixed with different stock photo material, like falcons or owls. Why? ‘Cause Dinosaurs are extinct. ;)

High-Rise B-Movie Case Study

Step 3

With the combination of adjustment layers and the rectangle tool feat. Asphalt and wall textures I build a rooftop. Because I don’t have a helicopter anymore I had to buy an adequate stock photo. ;-)

High-Rise B-Movie Case Study

Step 4

Running dudes in front of a white layer doesn’t kick ass at all. So it’s better to place another stock photo – this time a high-rise skyline – in the background. With some self-made vanishing point lines it should fit right. I also build a quick helipad, to make it clearer that the helicopter already dropped the three amigos on the top of that building.

High-Rise B-Movie Case Study

Step 5

To make it look more Rock’n’Roll and not like a cheap montage, I played around with some adjustment layers like color balance or gradient maps.

High-Rise B-Movie Case Study

Step 6

I added a few shadows and a smooth vignette. For the contrast I gave everything a little bit more brightness.

High-Rise B-Movie Case Study

Step 7

The old-school method of dodge and burn helped me a lot giving everything a constant look.

I matched the colors of the helicopter optically and a couple of adjustment layers later… I couldn’t believe it, but my image looked like this. ;-)

High-Rise B-Movie Case Study

Step 8

Finally brought it to an end with the finishing move “old movie projector lines” followed by some noise and a smooth blur to create the look of a sleazy, 70s B-movie scene. I hope you enjoyed this case study for abduzeedo.com.

High-Rise B-Movie Case Study

About the Author

Hi, design lovers all over the web. My name is Ralf Krause and I am a freelance designer from Germany. Most of my artworks are “Straight outta the 80s” inspired and loaded with colors. To see them all, go to HYPERLINK "http://www.behance.net/eyeofthedesigner" www.behance.net/eyeofthedesigner or - even better - check out the wonderful print/web/motion works on HYPERLINK "http://www.falconwhite.com" www.falconwhite.com If you’re also twitter addicted you can stay in contact via twitter.com/falconsarego Cheerio!

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