Hip Fashion Photography by Basilio Silva

I came across Basilio Silva's portfolio the other day and was instantly drawn to his super edgy style. His fashion work is a sublime mixture of bright colors and sharp angles that really leaves me wanting more. I found virtually no information about him except that he's based in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Sometimes I wonder if artists remain elusive on purpose just to create this mystery about them and their work. Perhaps elusive isn't the best word...anonymous maybe? I think I really like not knowing anything about him and leaving the rest up to my imagination. Maybe it's best to just let the work do the talking. I think that's the true essence of being an artist--communicating and showing yourself through your work without this obscure necessity of words that we hold so much value on. Visual rather than verbal communication is what it's all about.

Anyway, I'm being hypocritical right now by rambling on about this so I'm just gonna leave you with this collection of Basilio's work instead. Check out the rest here and, actually, I'd really like to hear your opinion on this whole elusive-artist thing (for lack of better word). Consider the topic officially open for debate. Tweet your take on it to me - @amlight.

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Amanda Macedo

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