Recently, the artgroup known as Hysterical MInds, released their 8th exhibition in collaboration with the art community named Shadowness. A variety of llustrative esthetic dynamics in a dark concept in result of a very out-of-the-box artworks that will simply blow your mind.

An exhibition where each artist has made a personal vision of his darkest side and the general idea of shadowness, through different styles and a big variety of concepts, creating an intense and homogeneous set, of a tremendous quality and facing the tough challenge of raising a qualitative step in our growing dynamics, reasons why, together, we are sure it will be a huge success.

For more information about Hysterical Minds and their artists, you can visit , be a fan of Hysterical Minds on Facebook or simply follow them on Twitter @ hystericalminds .

From Light to Darkness - Arkiniano

Abduction - Patxinaki

Technification - Liransz & -M-

Emboscada - Jcbarquet

Hellfire - Schiszophrenia

Bittersweet - Matkraken

Femmes Prisonnières - Stronger

Soul Collector - Matkraken

Last Hour - Jcbarquet

Multiples Visages - Stronger

HM8 - AtixVector

Ellas - Soghen

Loto Skull - 7Plagues

Toy - Aoyru

Cria cuervos y te sacaran los ojos - Italia Ruotolo

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