Incredible Concept Motorcycles

After the success of the Concept Cars post I decided to go on with this line of design and got some Concept Motorcycles projects to show here to you. For several people motorcycles are a great symbol of speed, freedom and power. Personally, I think they are a bit dangerous since they offer lots of horse power to make you fly but don't offer much security, it's you and the road, 'no barriers'. Even though I think bikes are incredibly 'attractive' and maybe one of these days I will try one. :)

This kind of design is always changing and presenting new products since we have lots of designers and engineers working at concept projects to offer us futurist, beautiful and 'echo-friendly' products. Anyways, enjoy it...

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Gisele Muller

I'm Gisele Muller, someone who loves communication, design, creativity, technology and everything in between. A Brazilian current living in Santa Cruz, CA. Twitter user: @gismullr

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