Kitsch Me If You Can Case Study by Falcon White

Here we are today with another amazing case study by Falcon White, a designer based from Germany and this time he's doing a Case Study about his Desktopography 2012 submission entitled Kitsch Me If You Can. Hope you'll enjoy it!

For the Desktopography 2012 Exhibition I wanted to come up with a different kind of ‘80s inspired photo illustration. I wanted to do a really cheesy and kitschy nature scenery but at the same time a really colorful one. Something with a hint of fantasy. Rainbows and unicorns came into my mind. So why don‘t just throw some rainbow bride and my little pony into the ring and see what happens.

Also check out the Desktopography website for downloading a great load of beautiful wallpapers, initiated by Pete Harrison .

For more information about Falcon White, you can visit his and by also give it a LIKE on Facebook.

Step 1

After buying the right photo material, I made a first compositing and started cutting out each horse.

All Rights to Falcon White

Step 2

I took the background photo, duplicated and scaled it to fill the white space.

All Rights to Falcon White

Step 3

Some unnecessary elements were erased quick and dirty and I started to add some landscape elements like the waterfalls, the mountains and some stone elements in the foreground area.

All Rights to Falcon White

Step 4

Different sky photos were blend together and formed the final sky. A picture of a beach with the right perspective helped to create the sandy ground for the horses.

All Rights to Falcon White

Step 5

Time to fit in a rainbow for the cheesy ‘80s vibe!

All Rights to Falcon White

Step 6

Some dust for the background area and of course the Desktopography logo combined with a waterfall came into play.

All Rights to Falcon White

Step 7

Last adjustments for the left horse with scaling and using the Puppet Warp tool to put it into a better position. The horns of the unicorns were done in Cinema 4D and we also used C4D to give them the right perspective. A cut out tree photo plus rotated duplicates placed upon the logo created the perfect nature feeling. Some birds also felt free to fly along the sky.

All Rights to Falcon White

Step 8

Time for more dust, contrasts, shiny and brighter parts. The unicorns went through a first round of dodge & burn. The horns became shadows and were adjusted to blend right in.

All Rights to Falcon White

Step 9

First color adjustments - some blue, red, yellow and green spots were thrown on this.

All Rights to Falcon White

Step 10

A lot of fill and adjustment layers later (hue/saturation, selective colour, channel mixer, colour balance..) the wallpaper became more colourful like a rainbow.

All Rights to Falcon White

Step 11

It was about time to let the unicorns shine. All three became an outer and inner white glow and some more painted highlights. The right brush set helped a lot to get a surreal starry sky and gave the top of each horn a higher kitsch factor.

All Rights to Falcon White

Step 12

In the last step, dust and scratches were removed and I added a Reduce Noise filter to get a smooth, nearly painted look. Finally the wallpaper was sharpened via Highpass and the edges were darken a little bit.

All Rights to Falcon White

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