Vintage stuff is always a good source of inspiration. Posters, ads, stamps... but how about matchboxes?

While surfing on Flickr, I found these on a group called: "the Mid Century Modern - Sticker, Label + Stamp Club group icon", and I loved it. There are Russian , Hungarian, and other countries' matchboxes from the WW II period. Cool look, sweet design. Man, they sure knew how to design crazy matchboxes.

I guess this are pretty good. "Kill a couple enemies, have a smoke."

I SO need fire while I'm taking a shower.

I guess it reads "Freakish Experimental War Pets" or something close to it.

Have a smoke, get cancer, lose weight.

Reminds me of Franz Ferdinand. Don't ask me why.

Now i'm just getting confused. A kid having a shake?

Oh, c'mom. Be creative. That's too obvious. Haha.

I don't think these matches are supposed to light regular cigarettes. "Trippin' far far away".

Althought my favorite one is a sticker, if it was a matchbox, it would say: "Use these matches... or DIE".

You may visit the complete set clicking here.

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