More awesome Photoshop Secrets!

Lots of cool things in this week's batch from Photoshop Secrets

Actions by bjango!

Marc Edwards from Bjango creates some super useful Actions and Panel that every Photoshop UI Designer must have! You can download them here.

I highly recommend reading the blog post that comes with it!

While you’re at it, check out his tool Skala Preview, the fastest way to send pixel perfect previews from your Mac to your iPhone or iPad.

Use Keyboard Maestro to Group + Rename at the same time

Every time I group layers I like to rename the group name to something more Meaningful than Group 1, 2, 3.

So I created a Keyboard Maestro Keyboard Maestro Macro that replaces ⌘G with 2 actions, one to Group and another to rename.

To make it work first you need to unassign ⌘G as Group from Photoshop by going to Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts | Layer / New / Group

Then download the Macro here.

Just double click the file after installing Keyboard Maestro and it’ll be added to your library of shortcuts. 

Challenge yourself and hide that toolbar!

I very rarely click on the toolbar icons. Instead I use shortcuts.

Why not challenge yourself to hide the toolbar and use shortcuts instead?

Here's the toolbar shortcut map… Remember if you press ⇧ + the letter, it will toggle between the tools that share that shortcut. Or you can disable that in the Preferences and just press the same letter repeatedly to toggle through the tools.

A Select Vector

B Brush, Pencil…

C Crop, Slice

D Set default BG and FG colors (black and white)

E Eraser

F Toggle Screen Modes

G Gradient, Paint Bucket

H Move Canvas

I Eyedropper

J Healing Brush

K Rotate 3D Object

L Lasso

M Marquee

N Rotate 3D Camera

O Color Dodge, Color Burn

P Pen

Q Enter Quick Mask Mode

R Rotate Canvas

S Clone Stamp

T Type

U Shape

V Move/Select

W Magic Wand

Y History Brush

X Swap BG and FG colors

Z Zoom

/ Lock layer

1-0 Selected Layer Opacity from 10% to 100% (tap two numbers quickly, like 37, to get specific values. And 00 to set it to 0 opacity.)

Tab Hide Chrome

Drag masks from one layer onto another

You can drag vector and bitmap masks from one layer into another by holding ⌘⌥ and dragging the mask. It also works on Groups, as demonstrated on the video For many more tips like these make sure you check out Photoshop Secrets and follow
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Edward Sanchez

I'm Edward Sanchez, a UI and UX designer originally from Brazil. I lived in London for 10 years before moving to the Bay Area where I worked at Sencha, Palm and now Amazon on the Kindle.

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