O grupo de arte chamado the Luminarium acabou de lançar sua 20a exibição, Adventure. De belas fotografias a ficção científica e arte digital, a exibição com certeza tem peças para agradar a todos os gostos e estilos, vale a pena conferir.

Para mais informações sobre the Luminarium e seus artistas você pode visitar theLuminarium.net/v3 , ou seguir os caras no Twitter @theLuminarium.

Alien Horizon by Voyager

Oceanica by Kire

Beachhead Zulu by Tsarye

Connected by Jakobhansson

Journey to Shatter Island by Kire

An Adventure of the Mind by Turksworks

Hubulaar by Maxime des TOUCHES

In Cyclops's Space Den by Shue13

Le Portail by Aeon-Lux & Ales

The Traveller by Cristian

Rise by ScottStedman

Jump Gate by Smiling Demon

Pilot by Kuldar

Landing At Wadi -Rum by Shue13

Let's go on an adventure by Zhachrod

Awakening Adventure by aRchAng3lZz & Kuldar

Roads by Ales


Averno by Chris Cold

Knight of the old Republic by kire

I saw the suns of Skyland by Aeon-Lux

New Paths To Helicon - Helicon by Kuldar

New Paths To Helicon - Chosen riders of doom by Kuldar

All In Your Hands by Ales

New Paths To Helicon - Floor is lava by Kuldar

Far, far away. by JB-Gordon

New Era by Aeon-Lux

New Paths To Helicon by Kuldar

Arcady's Epiphany by Tigaer

Underdark by Aeon-Lux

End boss by Kuldar

Decrees of Fate by jcbarquet

Drago Eradication by Shue13 & ptitvinc

Prominence by Kai Saunders

the hermit of Moonlight by ptitvinc

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