Everyday we see images of celebrities and models showing us the image of perfect. However this image seems to be nothing more than a "lie". "A Perfect Lie" - is an experiment by a young photographer, Cameron Rad, to show the truth behind the images we see everyday. In the video he uses various techniques in Photoshop to achieve this image of "perfection".

But before the view we have this short interview with Cameron where he shared with us a bit of his motivations and what he has been doing lately.

Please explain some of the techniques used in this video

Cameron: Well basically I start off by examining the image and seeing what parts need work. Then I proceed by using the heal tool (not spot heal) to get rid of blemishes and "imperfections". I then also noticed she had quite a bit of facial hair, so to get rid of that I used the clone stamp with the mode on darken and lighten to blend in the hair with the skin tone. I also did quite a bit of dodging and burning and a very small amount of liquifying

I understand you are part of an Artist Collaboration program in Los Angeles, can you give a run down on what that is about?

Cameron: Ya. I am with a group known as BOXeight in Los Angeles. It is basically an artist collective. We all work to make BOXeight better and bigger and in return we get this badass studio to work with, place to live (if we need it), showcase our work, and communicate with other artists daily. I'm very fortunate to have found BOXeight and be part of it. If anyone is in the Southern California area, I recommend checking it out. We also have art shows and other events regularly.

Is their anything else you'd like to mention before we finish?

Cameron: Ya I'd really like to thank Abduzeedo, BOXeight, and all the people that have supported me. Also for anyone that has a Myspace please add me. http://www.myspace.com/project8cam Thanks everyone! :)


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