The Perfect Office - Ortho Mouse and Apple new releases


We've seen some great gadgets and equipment for designers. So many cool stuff, that we could actually assemble infinite perfect office spaces! Every week we'll assemble a perfect office, and we'd like you to help us. What equipment would the perfect office have?

Today we got some great stuff for you! Halloween is coming, so why not scratch your back with a zombie's arm? Also, for those who love everything ergonomic, an awesome mouse for you! And the greatest part is the release of new Apple products! A ultra-thin Apple iMac, the new Mac Mini and the beloved Apple iPad gets its mini version! Check it out. Don't forget that you may suggest via twitter: @paulogabriel - I hope you enjoy these! Cheers. ;)

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Zombie Back Scratcher

The Perfect Office - Ortho Mouse and Apple new releases

The handcrafted and painted back scratcher looks like the undead Zombie arm and hand. It is made from tough urethane resin. (at Like Cool)

Monty Python Ministry of Silly Walks clock

The Perfect Office - Ortho Mouse and Apple new releases

The Monty Python Ministry of Silly Walks clock is created from 20x20 cm canvas by iamnahald. (at Like Cool)

Ortho Mouse Wireless

The Perfect Office - Ortho Mouse and Apple new releases

The OrthoVia OrthoMouse is designed using scientific evidence which indicates the risk of carpal tunnel injury can be reduced by utilizing a forearm rotation angle and an MP joint angle of 45°. Additionally, a mouse also needs to be the correct size to fit a hand. The OrthoMouse encourages a good mousing posture and is customizable. This ergonomic mouse offers three different palm prolongers and two different sizes of upper adapters, allowing you to custom fit the mouse so your hand can rest comfortably. (at 7 Gadgets)

Apple Mac Mini Desktop

The Perfect Office - Ortho Mouse and Apple new releases

The Apple Mac mini packs even more power, thanks to the latest dual-core and quad-core Intel processors. It also comes with integrated Intel HD Graphics 4000, Thunderbolt, USB 3, and OS X Mountain Lion–the latest release of the world’s most advanced desktop operating system.

Despite its smaller size, the Mac mini offers a full range of ports for connecting to your existing peripherals–from keyboards and mice to external hard drives and displays (via the Thunderbolt and HDMI ports). And when you’re ready to add more memory, the Mac mini’s bottom removable panel makes the upgrade process a breeze.

With USB 3 built into the Mac mini, you can connect your external hard drive and transfer large files in seconds instead of minutes. Every Mac mini comes with four USB 3 ports–with speeds up to 10 times faster than USB 2–and you can connect all your USB-compatible devices, including your iPhone, iPad, iPod, or digital camera.(at 7 Gadgets)

Apple iMac 2012

The Perfect Office - Ortho Mouse and Apple new releases

It'd been awhile since Apple had rolled out a new iMac design — and now we know why. The all-new Apple iMac 2012 features an updated design that's just 5mm thin at the corners and is 40% smaller by volume than its predecessors. It's powered by quad-core Intel Core i5 processors, boasts a completely reengineered display that reduces reflections by 75%, can hold up to 32GB of RAM, and can be configured with the new Fusion Drive storage option that combines 128GB of flash memory with a 1TB or 3TB hard drive to offer most of the speed of an SSD with the vast storage of a standard hard drive. The 21.5-inch model is coming in November, while those wanting the 27-inch model will be waiting 'til December. (at Uncrate)

Apple iPad Mini

The Perfect Office - Ortho Mouse and Apple new releases

The iPad mini is the long-awaited smaller sibling to Apple's blockbuster tablet. Sporting an aluminum body that's just 7.2mm thin and weighs just 0.68 pounds, it still manages to pack in a 7.9-inch display, an A5 processor, a 5MP iSight camera, a front-facing FaceTime HD camera, and Apple's new Lightning connector. Available in black or white, and arriving November 2. (at Uncrate)

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