The book suggestion of this week is titled Scandinavian Graphic Design by Sand Publishing. The book shows the history of the Scandinavian design featuring works Denmark, Finland, Iceleand, Norway and Sweeden. Books about design history always inspire me because most of the things we see today and we think are new, actually are heavily inspired by something in the past.

Scandinavian Graphic Design is a fresh collection that draws from the highly respected history of Scandinavian design to present contemporary graphic design from five Northern countries: Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden. Characterized by simple elegance, careful use of vibrant colors and space, minimalism, and functionality, Nordic design is also recognized by its heavy application of typography and illustration. The designers featured are at the vanguard of Nordic design, bucking trends and demonstrating that design can be simple but sophisticated, lovely but not naive, and cool yet engaging. This title showcases all genres of design, from graphic design, printed books, album covers, posters, product design, fashion, and promotional design to typographic and environmental design. If you're in need of inspiration, head north and discover one of the largest epicenters of design in the world, a region abundant with creativity in every realm of design and art. - Amazon

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