Signalnoise Design Renegade in Portland, OR

This November 15th, our good friend James White from Signalnoise will be heading to Portland, Oregon for a speaking event, presented by Spaceman Design and AIGA Portland.

Everything took place when James started his Gum Cards Initiative and Portland based designer Dave Hardy pledged on the fundraising as the Diamond Package. One of the prizes of the pledge was that James will be going to wherever your city and make a Design Renegade Talk. Portland was the winner!

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About the Event

In order to reach our goals in the upside-down world of graphic design, you need to be a rogue. A misfit. A renegade. James White from the Signalnoise Studio has based his career on doing things outside of the ordinary, turning his back on boardrooms and creative briefs in order to chase his design dreams with vengeance and rock n’ roll. He will be telling his story while discussing personal projects built from love and ambition in his small home office in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. These led to him working with respected people all over the world, from his favourite metal band to film juggernaut Kevin Smith. James will talk about chasing your creative path, building your personal body of work, the value of supporting friends, and never forgetting the artist inside. Being “different” isn’t enough anymore. You need to be a renegade!

For more information about Dave Hardy and AIGA Portland, you can visit their websites at and AIGA Portland at

Sample of James White's Works

All Rights to James White

All Rights to James White

All Rights to James White

All Rights to James White

All Rights to James White


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