Sites of the Week: Blackhouse, CAST83, Localytics and more

Today we have a selection with awesome portfolios. Take a special attention to Cast83 and Wedge & Lever. Also another great site to visit is Blackhouse! Check out these sites and the whole selection, share with us what you think and stay tuned for the next week!

Take a look on all the other sites we're featuring today. Also you can keep sending me your suggestions via Twitter and include #abdz_sites in the message.



It has always been my dream to plant a vineyard and make wine from it. Wines that are the highest quality obtainable. Wines that provide a lens on where they were grown. CIRQ is the realization of that dream.


Blackhouse -

Steak aged 28 days, fresh fish, shellfish, desserts or a delightful drop. Cocktails, from old classics to new. Unrivalled atmosphere and live music!



Localytics -

The best mobile and web app analytics & marketing solution with real time insights, metrics, & marketing resources.

Localytics -

Never feel lost. Short, simple travel guides written by locals. Insider knowledge to make the most of your short trips. We implore you to travel more.


Daniella Draper -

Designed & handcrafted silver jewellery that makes the perfect gift for many special occasions, including milestone birthdays, weddings, engagements, anniversaries, confirmations and christenings.

Daniella Draper

Beats by Dre -

Browse headphones, earbuds, and other audio devices made with Beats by Dre audio technology and start listening to music the way the artist intended.

Beats by Dre


CAST83 -

CAST83 is a two person photography and videography team based in Baltimore.


Wedge & Lever -

Wedge & Lever is a independent design studio based in San Diego, California. Our creative process addresses both literal and lateral thinking to breathe meaning, diversity and integrity into every project we work on.

Wedge & Lever


Socialize -

Share your voice responsibly and responsively. Get Socialize Pro for your professional blog or magazine.


Brooklyn -

We have set up 6 demos to demonstrate how powerful Brooklyn really is. Each demo looks unique but has been made with the same amazing simple system.


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Fabiano Meneghetti

I’m a UX / Web designer and manage business and projects at Zee. Also I love to spend some hours on our main projects Openjobs and as a writer and contributor here on Abduzeedo..

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