Today we choose to show a very generic selection, including 6 amazing sites and 2 more themes! Check out the beautiful and clean Yield picnic bags and Otter Surfboards. Also you should check and test Over, a super simple iOS app! Share with us what you think of the whole selection and stay tuned for the next week!

Take a look on all the other sites we're featuring today. Also you can keep sending me your suggestions via Twitter and include #abdz_sites in the message.

The Yield -

The Yield Picnic Bag unfolds from bag to blanket, accommodating anything from a day spent in the park to a quick break for lunch.

The Yield

Dark Prayers -

The Sunlight Collective was created exclusively for men of first world powers to progress their roles in society.

Dark Prayers

Field Trip -

Featuring the talents of the Jacky Winter roster, 'Field Trip' is a creative conference like no other. Taking the Powerpoint out of presentation & putting live action in its place.

Field Trip

Otter Surfboards -

We're inspired by construction techniques pioneered by legendary waterman Tom Blake and look forwards towards a sustainable surf craft.

Otter Surfboards

Andi Mayr -

Andi Mayr is a Photographer from Germany

Andi Mayr

Over -

Add beautiful typography to your photos



Startup -

Running a startup? Fancy spreading your wings? With this theme help, you will create a sophisticated, the same as, clean project which will leave your visitors breathless...


Jad -

Jad is a Creative Responsive WordPress theme. It’s fresh & modern look with a bunch of features will make your website a standout.


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