When it comes to traditional art, one of the techniques that most come to our minds is watercolor. It is a great beautiful technique that come handy for digital illustrations: it just gets awesome!! Some artists out there have been doing some great stuff, and their inspiration are from many fields, like fashion! So check out these awesome works, and if you got any of your own, please, drop a link!! thanks.

Bruno Fujii - http://illustplosion.com/

Christian Ward - http://www.cwardillustration.com/

Margot Mace - http://agent002.com/

Raphaël My Dead Pony - http://mydeadpony.com/

Sophie Varela - http://sophievarela.com/

Stephane Tartelin - http://tartelin.com/

Stina Person - http://www.stinapersson.com

TORIL BÆKMARK 2005 - http://torilbaekmark.dk/

Yoshi Tajima - http://www.radiographics.jp/

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